Emmerdale fans in tears as couple call it quits and one leaves the village

EMMERDALE fans are in tears after a village couple called it quitsand one left for good.

The ITV soap said goodbye to actress Michelle Hardwick tonight as vet Vanessa Woodfield left the village for a new life in Canada.

Vanessa has left the Dales for a new life in Canada

Vanessa has left the Dales for a new life in CanadaCrédit: ITV
Suzy decided not to go with Vanessa to Canada

Suzy decided not to go with Vanessa to CanadaCrédit: ITV

Vanessa was due to leave with girlfriend Suzy, but after finding her with Leyla Harding in their office looking tired, she accused them of being back on drugs.

A hurt Suzy left, and Leyla revealed the truththat Vanessa had got the wrong end of the stick and had jumped to conclusions.

Suzy was devastated by the betrayal but later discovered Vanessa had been lying to her about her relationship with best friend Rhona Goskirk.

Viewers know the pair had a brief fling years ago when Vanessa fell for Rhonabut it ended almost as soon as it began.

However Vanessa never bothered to share that with her girlfriendso Suzy was furious at her for the lack of honesty.

Combining that with her assumption that Suzy was on drugs was the last straw for the couple.

Suzy told her: “There’s never been any trust. And no amount of snowy mountains in the world is going to change that.

“We’ll only end up hating each other and I don’t want that. Tell Johnny I’m sorry.”

With that she left Vanessa sobbing at her kitchen table and the vet for a new life in Canada.

Viewers were in tears at the scenes.

On a écrit: “That was a good twistI was expecting Suzy to leave with Vanessa to Canada where they’d break up from there

Une seconde a dit: “I was hoping Susie would go with Vanessa. #Emmerdale”

Another simply added: “Suzy and vanessaalongside a string of crying faces.


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