Emmerdale fans seriously distracted by Mackenzie Boyd’s striking new look

EMMERDALE fans were wowing as Mackenzie Boyd showed off a striking new look on the ITV soap opera last night.

The handsome younger brother of Moira Barton appeared on-screen last night with a brand new hair-do.

Mack had a fuller fringe last night

Mack had a fuller fringe last nightالإئتمان: ITV
Many said he looked straight out of a boyband

Many said he looked straight out of a boybandالإئتمان: ITV

ماك, played by Lawrence Robb, has found himself at the centre of drama in the soap opera in recent weeks following the revelation he had a sordid one night stand behind girlfriend Charity Dingle’s (إيما أتكينز) عودة.

Mack opened up to Nate Robinson, played by Jurell Carter, that he had been unfaithful to Charity following a drunken moment of madness after the pair rowed about their future.

It was revealed earlier this week that the mystery girl that Mack found himself involved with Chloe Harris.

Mack has confronted Chloe to tell her to leave him alone and not bother him anymore, unaware Chloe is secretly pregnant with their baby.

After Chloe continued to create awkwardness around the Dales, Mack cornered her the female toilets of The Woolpack in order to sternly warn her off.

ومع ذلك, Mack was unaware the ailing Faith Dingle (سالي دكستر) was listening in from the cubicle.

Despite the salacious storyline, social media users were quick to comment on Mack’s striking new look.

علق أحد المعجبين: “Mack look likes he should be in a boy band with that hairstyle..

Another said the look make him appear younger, جاري الكتابة: “Must have a new hairstylist Chas with her fringe now Mac with his little boy look.

وأضاف ثالث: “What’s going on with Mac’s barnet …

Some fans even compared him to 60s legends The Beatles, arguing that is where he took inspiration from for his new look.

One viewer said: “What’s Ringo Mack doing in the ladies?”

Someone else pointed out: “Why did Mack brush his hair forward like a Beatle? He is not 64!”

Mack has found himself in hot water recently

Mack has found himself in hot water recentlyالإئتمان: ITV

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7:30pm on ITV.