Emmerdale fans ‘work outhealth problem behind Bernice Blackstock’s behaviour

EMMERDALE fans have become convinced that they have uncovered exactly what is wrong with Bernice Blackstock.

Viewers of the ITV soap have seen Bernice, 由...演奏 Samantha Giles, act out of sorts as of late with significant changes to her mood and behaviour.

Bernice has not been acting herself

Bernice has not been acting herself信用: 电视台
Bernice's issues caused problems at the salon

Bernice’s issues caused problems at the salon信用: 电视台

After feeling up and down with her emotions, Bernice became concerned that she might be suffering from a brain tumour but fans are convinced it is something completely different altogether.

It all came to a head for the hairdresser when Bear Wolf’s joke during his trip to the salon left her deeply offended.

As she leaned over Bear to grab the shower head during his appointment, a cheeky Bear quipped: “I hope you don’t charge me extra for it.

A stunned Bernice replied: “I beg your pardon,” as she accused him of making a comment suggesting that she wasa prostitute’.

As Bear scrambled to assure her that everything was all said in jest and that his comment was ‘just banter’, Bernice called out Paddy’s dad for being ‘seedy and misogynistic’ .

Bear then said: “I was just being lighthearted. There was a time when women could take these things.

A furious Bernice then picked up the shower head as she exclaimed: “Well those days, 谢天谢地, are long gone.

Bernice, 然而, ended up spraying Mandy’s next client as opposed to Bear, leaving her soaked.

Bernice, Bear and Mandy watched on in horror as they evaluated what the distressed salon worker had just done.

Feeling embarrassed and frustrated, Bernice could not go on as she rushed out of the salon, prompting Mandy to believe that she had quit her job over the incident.

The scenes left fans believing that Bernice was starting the menopause and were quick to share their thoughts online.

一个写道: “Seriously are you telling me that Bernice doesn’t realise she’s going through the menopause? #emmerdale.

另一个评论: “Can someone please kindly tell Bernice she’s going through the menopause #Emmerdale.

A third advised: “Go to the doctor Bernice #Emmerdale.

As a fourth said: “#Emmerdale I hoped they’d do justice to the Bernice menopause story and the despair and many other horrible symptoms and problems lots of women go through. Hoping yes, holding my breath, 不。”

While a fifth penned: “When will someone tell Bernice she’s pre-menopausal? #emmerdale.


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