Emmerdale: Samson Dingle struggles as he’s pushed out of the family over Esther

SAMSON Dingle is left reeling as he realises he has been pushed out further and further by his family over baby Esther in Emmerdale.

Viewers have seen the teen struggle to bond with Esther and denounce her as his daughter in uncomfortable scenes.

The gang appear to be getting on just fine without Samson

The gang appear to be getting on just fine without SamsonCrédito: ITV
Samson sees that he has been pushed out over his decision

Samson sees that he has been pushed out over his decisionCrédito: ITV

In upcoming scenes, Lydia hides brand new toys she has bought for the baby from Samson after he refuses to have anything to do with her.

Lydia and Sam make a vow to be their for their grandchild even if Samson won’t be.

Amelia also begins to come round to the idea of the pair playing an active grandparent role in her daughter’s life when she sees how hard they are trying to make an effort and be as involved as they can.

Amelia softens to the pair when she opens up the gifts they have bought for little Esther.

It is not long until Samson is feeling exiled from the family as he spots Sam and Lydia enjoying a cosy cafe date with Dan, Amelia and the baby.

Lydia them becomes determined to prove her point for Samson and let him know exactly where she stands.

She insists to Samson that Esther is now a part of the Dingle clan whether he like it or not.

Amelia is then taken aback when Lydia says she will plan everything for the baby’s christening and is grateful for the kind gesture.

Lydia and Amelia then become fully engrossed in the planning, much to Samson’s chagrin.

In a further blow, it becomes clear just how much Noah has stepped up to the plate as Amelia reassures him when she squeezes his hand.

Samson quickly understands just how much he has been ousted from the group when he hears them all laughing and chatting without him.

What will Samson do next?

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