Spoiler su Emmerdale: Aaron kicks alcoholic Liv out as she sinks to new lows

AARON Dingle kicks alcoholic Liv Flaherty out as she sinks to new lows next week in Emmerdale.

Liv has been riddled with guilt ever since she left Vinny’s abusive dad Paul Ashdale to die in the wedding barn explosion.

Liv tries to seduce Jacob

Liv tries to seduce Jacob
Aaron walks in on Liv undressing

Aaron walks in on Liv undressing

The youngster eventually confessed to Vinny and turned to booze after he blamed her for his dad’s death.

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Mandy go to great lengths to keep Liv away from Vinny, stealing his phone and blocking her number.

When Liv’s calls to Vinny fail to go through, Mandy lies that he blocked her number and is taking Belle out for a drink instead.

When Liv spots Vinny with Belle she confronts him and the pair realise that Mandy is trying to manipulate the situation.

Vinny’s disgust towards Mandy for lying makes Liv wonder whether there might still be hope for her and Vinny.

tuttavia, Liv is left heartbroken when Vinny says he can only be her friend.

Drinking to drown her sorrows, Liv makes a mystery call and arranges a date.

Il giorno successivo, viewers will see Liv down a load of alcohol for courage before inviting Jacob Ghallager inside.

Jacob starts picking out a film for them to watch but is gobsmacked when she starts undressing and suggests they go upstairs.

Things only get worse when Aaron walks in as Liv tries to seduce grieving Jacob.

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As an argument about Liv’s erratic behaviour escalates, Aaron chucks Liv out.

Dopo, Ben tells Aaron he’s worried about Liv being left out in the cold overnight.

Could this be a turning point for Liv?

Ben worries about Liv after Aaron boots her out of the house

Ben worries about Liv after Aaron boots her out of the house