Emmerdale扰流板: Amelia kisses Noah as he takes her to her baby scan

DESPITE their rocky beginnings, Amelia Spencer and Noah Dingle are growing closer than ever.

埃默代尔 welcomes a new budding couple next week after the future teen mum kisses the troubled lad.

Noah Dingle offers Amelia Spencer his support

Noah Dingle offers Amelia Spencer his support信用: 电视台
Amelia is expecting a baby

Amelia is expecting a baby信用: 电视台
PC Harriet Finch and Dan Spencer eventually find out about their relationship - and Amelia's surprise baby

PC Harriet Finch and Dan Spencer eventually find out about their relationshipand Amelia’s surprise baby信用: 电视台

Living with a surprise pregnancy has been nothing short of complicated for Amelia (由...演奏 Daisy Campbell).

But throughout her ordeal, she’s benefitted from Charity Dingle’s support as well as her son Noah’s friendship.

The youngster portrayed by Jack Downham appears to have changed during his time spent behind bars and, 后 treating Amelia horribly earlier in 2022, decides to step up to support her.

下周, a hesitant Noah even asks if he can accompany Amelia to her scan appointment and the young girl is bolstered.

The pair get to the hospital together and Amelia stares in awe at the scan of her baby.

A seemingly happy couple, Amelia and Noah’s friendship blossoms and paves the way for romance to settlePC Harriet Finch is nearby and is shocked to see them kiss.

第二天, Dan Spencerwho is still unaware his daughter is pregnantand Harriet over-compensate when Amelia receives disappointing exam results.

Once alone, Harriet tells Dan the truth about Noah and Amelia, leaving him reeling with shock.

在后来的场景中, Sam Dingle is distracted from Alice’s grave by shouting in the distance.

He follows the arguing, only to find Dan on the verge of attacking Noah after Amelia’s pregnancy is revealed to the whole village.

Soap fans were convinced Noah was the father of Amelia’s baby but his name was cleared upon his return from prison.


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The youngster told his mother he had never been intimate with Amelia, despite nearly taking advantage of her in March, 2022.

诺亚 isn’t the only one who could fit the bill as 电视台 viewers have managed to find other suspects.

Amelia has stated the father of her baby is a teenager whom she met in church but some viewers are sceptical and fear she may be hiding something.

Could she finally reveal the identity of her baby daddy to save Noah from Dan?

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Amelia has been keeping her pregnancy a secret

Amelia has been keeping her pregnancy a secret信用: 电视台
Dan becomes convinced Noah is the father of Amelia's baby

Dan becomes convinced Noah is the father of Amelia’s baby信用: 电视台