Spoilers Emmerdale: Cain chasse maman Faith de la famille

CAIN Dingle kicks his mum Faith out of the family for good for lying about her cancer results next week in Emmerdale.

It comes after Cain finally forgave Faith for her betrayal over his secret son Nate Robinson last week and vowed to support her in her upcoming cancer battle.

Cain rejects Faith for keeping her cancer test results quiet

Cain rejects Faith for keeping her cancer test results quietCrédit: ITV

Faith organises some activities at the HOP for her and Sarah, who invites Cain.

Faith gets a call from hospital asking her to come in urgently and is left fearing the worst.

Le jour suivant, Faith decides not to ruin the big day at the HOP by breaking her news.

toutefois, when Cain quizzes her about her results she’s forced to admit she’s received them.

Cain is furious she’s kept the results hidden from him and casts her out of the family.

What has Faith revealed?

Speaking about her cancer storyline, Emmerdale star Sally Dexterwho plays Faith in the ITV soap – Raconté the Mirror: “She’s scared, once you’ve been bitten by cancer it’s very easy to live in fear in some ways of it coming back.

She doesn’t live in fear of it but it hovers at the back of her mind. It’s dramatic.

Talking about whether it could reunite her family, elle a ajouté: “She doesn’t want to worry them or for them to accept her out of pity.

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She wants a real relationship with them again, and that matters to her more than anything and it’s a big deal.

She would certainly hope [it would bring them closer] and would turn herself inside out to make that happen.

But it certainly brings all of that to the forefront of things. The relationship is very dramatic and heartfelt.

Faith has been left fearing her cancer has returned

Faith has been left fearing her cancer has returnedCrédit: ITV