Emmerdale扰流板: 查斯’ 与艾尔的恋情在她被捕时暴露

VULNERABLE Chas Dingle has sought and found comfort in her affair with Al Chapman.

But their secret romance comes to light next week and one 埃默代尔 resident could expose them both.

Chas Dingle and Al Chapman continue their affair

Chas Dingle and Al Chapman continue their affair信用: 电视台
But they're caught by someone close to home for Chas

But they’re caught by someone close to home for Chas信用: 电视台
Will Belle expose them?

Will Belle expose them?信用: 电视台

Faith Dingle has accepted her fate and refused treatment for her terminal cancer.

然而, her daughter Chas (描绘的 Lucy Pargeter) is beside herself as she tries to cope with the knowledge she’s spending her last moments with the veteran.

In her struggle, the Woolpack manager has pushed her husband Paddy away and turned to another man.

Initially coming forward as a supportive friend, Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) became Chas’ 情人.

But no illicit romance can go unnoticed for very long in the Dales and the pair are caught by someone VERY close to home for ChasBelle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper), who happens to be her brother Cain’s half-sister.

接下来, Chas and Al enjoy a tender post-coital moment at a hotel and it’s clear their connection is becoming more emotional.

They leave, unaware Belle has witnessed them passionately kissing.

It doesn’t take her long to confront both her sister and her business partner.

第二天, Chas and Al are mortified when she tells them she saw them and knows about their affair.

A terrified Chas knows this means her marriage with Paddy (Dominic Brunt) is in jeopardybut will she face the music?

Or will she try to stop Belle from saying anything?

正如刚才提到的, Chas and Al’s connection became romantic after she found out her mother would rather enjoy her last living moments than undergo a harrowing treatment for her illness.

Actress Sally Dexter is set to leave the 电视台 soap on its 50th anniversary 在十月, 2022.


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Chas had first wanted Faith to battle the illness but the latter admitted she didn’t have a fight left in her.

Chas and Al then engaged in a confusing game of push and pull, with the former knowing she was making a mistake despite her urges.

The illicit couple were also nearly caught by Al’s partner Kerry Wyatt while they stayed at a hotel, which gave them a serious fright.

Can Chas and Al keep up appearances?

Will their affair ever be exposed, by Belle or anybody else?

Emmerdale airs every weeknight from 7.30pm on ITV.

Belle is the only resident who will know about Chas and Al's affair

Belle is the only resident who will know about Chas and Al’s affair信用: 电视台
What will they do?

What will they do?信用: 电视台