Emmerdale Spoiler: Chas struggles to cope as she’s confronted about Al affair

AL Chapman was shot dead by Kyle Winchester, taking his affair with Chas Dingle to the grave with him.

But the truth could catch up with the Woolpack manager when another Emmerdale resident calls her out next week.

Belle Dingle gets suspicious of Chas again

Belle Dingle gets suspicious of Chas againAnerkennung: ITV
Belle had already caught Chas and Al together but believed they would call it quits

Belle had already caught Chas and Al together but believed they would call it quitsAnerkennung: ITV
Cain remains behind bars for Al's murder

Cain remains behind bars for Al’s murderAnerkennung: ITV

The businessman was planning on leaving the eponymous village alongside Chas (gespielt von Lucy Pargeter) before a fatal confrontation with his long-term foe, Cain Dingle.

Seit damals, Chas has had to keep her pain under wraps although her brother is aware she was cheating on her husband Paddy with Al.

In scenes due to air next week on ITV, jedoch, another member of her family becomes suspicious.

Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) Einmal caught Chas in Al’s company and was ready to expose her.

This was until the illicit lovers promised they would end their romance and Belle gave them the benefit of the doubt.

Kommt hoch, when she teases Chas about cheating on Paddy, Belle becomes immediately wary of her cagey reaction.

Belle isn’t one to sugar coat things and decides to confront Chas.

But the latter denies her relationship with Alwill Belle believe her?

Wie oben erwähnt, Belle knew Chas had been romantically involved with Al but kept schtum when they guaranteed it was over.

She wasn’t the only villager to find out Chas and Al were sneaking around together in the Dales.

Chas’ son Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) had also caught them red-handed outside of the Woolpack.

Noch einmal, the lovebirds tried to get him to stay quiet by insisting they wouldn’t see each other anymore.

Aaron believed themuntil he found Chas in Al’s arms again amid a huge storm.


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Horrified by his mother’s behaviour and betrayal, as he is close to his father figure Paddy, Aaron was also in shock following the death of his half-sister Liv.

This convinced him it was time for him to leave the village again but not before telling Chas their relationship would never be the same.

Chas has managed to remain silent, even around Al’s heartbroken partner Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) who knows he was unfaithful to her thanks to Chloe Harris.

Der Rat ist befugt, einen Fall vor das Amtsgericht zu bringen, wenn er entscheidet, dass es sich um eine gesetzlich vorgeschriebene Belästigung handelt

But will Chassecret remain intact?

Tune in to ITV to find out.

A handful of residents know Cain is innocent as Kyle is actually responsible

A handful of residents know Cain is innocent as Kyle is actually responsibleAnerkennung: ITV
Will Chas' secret be exposed?

Will Chassecret be exposed?Anerkennung: ITV