Emmerdale spoilers: Liv’s marriage in crisis as Sandra schemes against Vinny

PLOTTING to steal as much cash as she can, Sandra Flaherty comes up with a shock plan.

Unfortunately for Emmerdale resident Liv, her mother stoops to a new low and makes her doubt her own marriage with Vinny Dingle.

Sandra Flaherty has a plan to get all the cash she could ever want

Sandra Flaherty has a plan to get all the cash she could ever wantCredit: ITV
Sadly, that involves playing with Liv's insecurities

Sadly, that involves playing with Liv’s insecuritiesCredit: ITV
She plants doubt in her own daughter's mind about Vinny's friendship with Gabby Thomas

She plants doubt in her own daughter’s mind about Vinny’s friendship with Gabby ThomasCredit: ITV

Viewers predicted Sandra was up to no good and were proven right when the schemed played by Joanne Mitchell was seen in cahoots with Terry.

Since then, Sandra has stooped to many lows to get the money she’s so desperate for, from stealing to blackmailing a vulnerable Rishi Sharma.

But her mind whirs next week when she sees her daughter’s husband Vinny (portrayed by Bradley Johnson) acting playfully with Gabbie Thomas (Rosie Bentham).

Sandra gets an idea and it could be devastating for Liv (Isobel Steele).

In later scenes, she plants seeds of doubt in Liv’s mind by questioning her asexuality and the issues it could cause in her marriage.

She goes a step further by raising doubts over Gabby and Vinny’s relationship.

Sadly, Sandra’s manipulative tactics work a charm on Liv who eyes Vinny and Gabby with worry as they talk.

The following day, Gabby is surprised when Sandra mentions Liv and Vinny are having issues and she offers to speak to Vinny.

Sandra is thrilled to see her plan is going along smoothly.

Things go from bad to worse later on when Liv is shocked to see Gabby come over to speak to Vinny at Mill Cottage.

The opportunity arises for Sandra to drip more poison and question Gabby’s true intentions with Vinny.

Much to her thrill, Liv is clearly uneasy.

Liv began struggling with her sexuality in October, 2017, when she came to the realisation she had no attraction to boys or girls.

Two years later, she revealed she was actually asexual, meaning she doesn’t involve herself in any sexual activity.


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However, a person identifying as asexual can still be interested in romantic relationships, which is Liv’s case as she tied the knot with Vinny earlier in 2022.

By playing with Liv’s insecurity, Sandra will also be using Gabby’s past against her.

Gabby was recently seen canoodling with Kit, who was romantically involved with her own stepmother Laurel Thomas.

While she had no clue her new man was actually two-timing Laurel, Gabby could pay the price of her mistake.

But can Vinny talk some sense into Liv before the situation escalates?

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

Gabby Thomas is single and looking for love

Gabby Thomas is single and looking for loveCredit: ITV
But will she really make an enemy out of Liv?

But will she really make an enemy out of Liv?Credit: ITV
And how far is Sandra willing to go?

And how far is Sandra willing to go?Credit: ITV