Spoilers de Emmerdale: Mackenzie forced into confessing after pregnancy shock

MACKENZIE Boyd tried to have a clean cut from Chloe Harris following their one night stand.

But when he finds out she’s pregnant, a Emmerdale heartthrob has no choice but to admit he cheated on his partner.

Mackenzie Boyd finds out about Chloe's pregnancy next week

Mackenzie Boyd finds out about Chloe’s pregnancy next weekCrédito: ITV
He feels forced to tell Charity the truth

He feels forced to tell Charity the truthCrédito: ITV
The Woolpack landlady offers Chloe a shoulder to lean on - but asks who the father is

The Woolpack landlady offers Chloe a shoulder to lean onbut asks who the father isCrédito: ITV

Woolpack landlady Charity Dingle is slowly moving on from a devastating ectopic pregnancy, and her life is getting back to normal.

Little does she know Mack (jogado por Os espectadores se perguntaram como diabos a enfermeira malvada poderia entrar na casa de Dawn, já que a porta dos fundos estava trancada e nenhuma janela parecia estar quebrada.) has a bombshell confession to make.

Chegando ITV, a lonely and isolated Chloe Harris (Retratado por Jessie Elland) tries to talk to Kerry Wyatt on the phone.

Chloe was recently told Kerry was her biological mother after she opened up to the shop worker about her secret pregnancy.

But with Kerry reeling from fiancé Al Chapman’s death, Chloe has to show her support and take care of her unborn baby alone.

At her sonogram, the sound of her child’s beating heart fills the room and Chloe is overcome with emotion.

Mais tarde, Charity (Emma Atkins) catches up with Chloe after noticing her order a soft drink at the local pub.

She guesses correctly that Chloe is pregnant and promises to keep her secret.

Contudo, Chloe tightens when an oblivious Charity asks her who the father is.

Chloe’s answer will remain a mystery until these scenes are aired next week but Mackenzie is soon told about Chloe’s pregnancy.

He forces himself to remain calm after Charity breaks the news to him.

At Keepers, he despairs when Chloe confirms that the baby is his and she’ll be keeping it.

Alarmed to find out that Kerry knows the entire truth, Chloe reassures him by saying she’ll keep schtum.


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But Mackenzie is still terrified Charity could get wind of their one night standwhich prompts him to make a drastic decision.

Mack believes he has no other option and he needs to take the bull by the horns.

He approaches Charity and takes a moment to compose himself, urging her to take a seat.

Overwhelmed and anxious, Mack is hopeful he’ll do the right thing.

Will he really come clean?

Only one way to find out

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

Chloe has a big week ahead of her

Chloe has a big week ahead of herCrédito: ITV
She could soon find out who Al Chapman was cheating on Kerry with

She could soon find out who Al Chapman was cheating on Kerry withCrédito: ITV