Emmerdale扰流板: Manpreet Sharma blamed for sister Meena Jutla’s vile crimes

AS one of Meena Jutla’s victims, Manpreet Sharma remains unsettled by her near-death experience in Emmerdale.

But her painful memories are about to be rattled by another character as the GP gets the blame for her sister’s crimes.

Manpreet is at the receiving end of Priya's anger

Manpreet is at the receiving end of Priya’s anger

Claiming that 埃默代尔‘s Manpreet Sharma has gone through hell would be an understatement.

After discovering the truth about her sister Meena (描绘的 佩奇·桑胡), Manpreet was held captive by the evil nurse along with Vinny Dingle (布拉德利·约翰逊).

She managed a narrow escape from death… before being run over by her former fiancé Charles Anderson.

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Manpreet was left in a coma and even flatlined while in hospital but has, upon awakening, received the support of the vicar played by Kevin Mathurin.

But the horrific events have understandably left her traumatised as Manpreet is terrified of bumping into her sister.

然而, in an upcoming episode of 埃默代尔 due to air next week on ITV, Manpreet is at the receiving end of Priya Sharma’s (Fiona Wade) 愤怒.

As her former stepdaughter lashes out at her, Manpreet is blamed for Meena’s terrible crimes which include assaulting Liam (Jonny McPherson) one drunken night.

Witnessing Manpreet being berated by Priya proves too much to handle for the latter.

Liam tries to help Manpreet and attempts to dissolve an uncomfortable situation.

Meena’s storyline picked up a pace when the truth about her actions came to light.

A suspicious Liam learned that she had been lying about her pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage.

He then realised that Meena was holding Manpreet and Vinny hostage in a barn, planning to add them to her list of murder victims.

The biggest blow came to Liam when he found out that Meena was responsible for the death of his daughter Leanna.


EastEnders bombshell with Phil to ROT in prison for rest of his life


EastEnders bombshell with Phil to ROT in prison for rest of his life

Leanna Cavanagh (Mimi Slinger) was pushed off a bridge by the serial killer on her 18th birthday, 在七月, 2021.

Blinded with rage, and after helping Manpreet and Vinny get away from a horrifying fate, Liam set out to get payback.

While Meena was ready to make him her fifth victim, she decided otherwise after being interrupted by a police officer and went on the run instead.

Residents of the Dales have since been made aware of the danger she represents and authorities are searching for her.

Meena is currently missing and she has fooled the police into thinking she could even be abroad, although she is making her return to the village, hellbent on revenge.

But with characters meeting their demise soon after finding out that she is a murderer, who could Meena set her sights on next?

Are Dawn Taylor (奥利维亚布罗姆利) and Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) the only residents on her hit list?

How will Manpreet react to Priya’s allegations?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV with an extra episode on Thursdays at 8pm.

Knowing what the GP went through, Liam attempts to help

Knowing what the GP went through, Liam attempts to help

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