Emmerdale扰流板: Vinny Dingle found viciously beaten

YOUNG widower Vinny Dingle has turned to gambling to cope with the death of his wife Liv Flaherty.

But things get out of hand for the 埃默代尔 scrap dealer when he is spotted battered and bruised.

Vinny Dingle is spiralling out of control

Vinny Dingle is spiralling out of control信用: 电视台
But he's brutally beaten next week in Emmerdale

But he’s brutally beaten next week in Emmerdale信用: 电视台
Who is responsible?

Who is responsible?信用: 电视台

The character played by 布拉德利·约翰逊 was heartbroken when Liv died in his arms 在被 crushed by a caravan.

Actress 伊莎贝尔斯蒂尔 剩下 the Yorkshire-based program amid an explosive anniversary week.

Following the traumatic and brutal passing of his other half, Vinny became closed off from other residents in the Dales.

This led to his mother Mandy (描绘的 Lisa Riley) asking fellow villagers to take Vinny’s mind off of Liv.

Jimmy King and Mackenzie Boyd obliged by getting Vinny into poker which left Mandy fuming and worried.

然而, things go from bad to worse next week on 电视台 as the PampaManda owner realises Vinny’s new gambling addiction lands him into severe trouble.

接下来, Mandy is horrified when she finds him bruised and beaten.

In previous scenes, Mandy let Vinny know she didn’t want him to follow in his gambling father’s footsteps.

Vinny becomes aware of how badly he’s spiralled and apologises to Mandy for his recent behaviour.

But Mandy doesn’t hold it against him and, 反而, offers him a room at the Dingles’.

While Vinny moves into the home, Mandy comes up with an idea which could considerably help him financially.

She suggests renting Mill Cottage rather than selling it.

How will Vinny react?

Who is responsible for his beating?

As soap fans may remember, Vinny didn’t have a good relationship with his father Paul Ashdale, whom he finally met in 2020.


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While eager to get to know Vinny, Paul’s gambling nature caused him to become physically and emotionally abusive towards the lad.

He even encouraged Vinny to break up with his then-girlfriend Liv.

保罗 died in a barn explosion 在四月份, 2021, the day he was supposed to marry Mandy.

正如刚才提到的, Vinny turned to gambling but was scolded by his mother who was terrified of seeing him turn out like Paul.

Will Vinny’s attack help him stop gambling?

Emmerdale 在 ITV 播出平日晚间节目.

Vinny recently got into gambling to cope with Liv's death

Vinny recently got into gambling to cope with Liv’s death信用: 电视台
And Mandy was worried he'd turn out to be like his father

And Mandy was worried he’d turn out to be like his father信用: 电视台