Spoiler su Emmerdale: Vinny Dingle si dedica al gioco d'azzardo per far fronte alla morte della moglie Liv

VINNY Dingle struggles to cope in Emmerdale following the passing of Liv and he soon develops an unhealthy habit that gets all of the villagers involved.

He has had a rough time of late and even when things begin to look up for Vinny Dingle, it is in fact just the beginning of another downward spiral?

Vinny becomes the ringleader for a pub poker night

Vinny becomes the ringleader for a pub poker nightCredito: ITV
Mandy eventually finds out and confronts her son over his actions

Mandy eventually finds out and confronts her son over his actionsCredito: ITV

In upcoming scenes, fans of the ITV soap opera will see Vinny turn to a new, potentially unhealthy, hobby to help take his mind off his late wife.

Mandy Dingle tells Jimmy King about Vinny’s struggles and is pleased when Jimmy says that he will have a chat with him and see if he can get through to him.

Jimmy and Vinny meet up and whilst playing a game of snap, Vinny begins to open up to Jimmy about how he is really feeling.

Dopo, as the pair continue to talk, Will looks over and sees that the two have begun to play poker and he sees Vinny thrashing Jimmy at the game.

Will then invited the pair to have a mini poker night at the pub.

The news of the poker game quickly spreads around the villagers with Ryan, David and Mackenzie quick to join in with playing the game, leaving Vinny ecstatic.

For Mackenzie he is left feeling put out by new arrival Darren who takes a real interest in the game.

Il giorno successivo, Vinny organises a secret encore of the poker night with Jimmy and Mack being desperate to play more and to not think and focus on Liv.

The poker games continue and continue with many residents getting involved and Vinny firmly distracted as his sole focus is hanging out and playing the risky game.

Infine, Jimmy lets slip to Mandy about what it is that has taken Vinny’s mind off Liv and she is left furious, fearing he could end up in the same state as his gambling addict father.

Mandy then rages at Vinny accusing him of turning into his father whilst Jimmy feels immense guilt for being the starting cause behind Vinny’s new obsession.

With Vinny desperate to carry on, he organises a meeting with Mack where they discuss strategy and plans in order to win a game of poker against the mysterious Darren.

But is it all getting out of hand for Vinny?

How will Mandy cope knowing what her son is up to?

Many of the villagers get involved

Many of the villagers get involvedCredito: ITV
Mandy is furious with Jimmy

Mandy is furious with JimmyCredito: ITV

Emmerdale airs weekdays on ITV.