Emmerdale viewers blast ‘terribleblunders as Liv forced to stay in prison

EMMERDALE fans were left with a bitter reminder that justice won’t be served as of yet while Liv Flaherty remains in prison.

But last night’s episode of the soap frustrated viewers even further with a series of police blunders and plot holes.

Liv has been behind bars since December, 2021

Liv has been behind bars since December, 2021

Meena Jutla’s (Paige Sandhu) confession will not be enough to free Liv.

The character portrayed by Isobel Steele has been arrested and placed behind bars in December, 2021, on suspicion of murdering Ben Tucker.

Convinced she is innocent, Vinny Dingle (Bradley Johnson) has been fighting for her freedom ever since.

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He has been comforted in his belief alongside Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker), as both characters have been held hostage by Meena.

Since their captivity, the GP has been recovering from her injuries in hospital (she was run over by vicar Charles Anderson after her dramatic escape).

But when a police officer grilled her about Meena’s actions, Manpreet struggled to answer.

The same officer then went to pay Vinny a visit and announced that Liv will not be released from prison anytime soon as Meena’s confession to her murder spree is not considered as a big enough piece of evidence in the case.

It’s evidence of what Miss Jutla told Miss Sharma but not what she did”, said the policeman.

We can’t drop the charges on the basis of what Miss Sharma told you

So for the time being, the charges against Miss Flaherty remain.

ITV viewers were fuming and were quick to take over Twitter to slam 埃默代尔 bosses.

So this alone would enable Liv an appeal as new evidence has come forward. The writing is terrible”, one viewer commented.

A second followed up with: “Considering they didn’t even know Andrea or Leanna’s deaths were murders I’m not sure what they would have held back.

Another fan penned: “哇. Emmerdale make the police look stupid and bad at their jobs.

埃默代尔 viewer pointed out an inconsistency in the plot, referring to Manpreet’s recovery: “Usually the police are in the resus room waiting to get answers…it takes almost 3 weeks to talk to Manpreet.

Another viewer claimed that there wasno hard evidence that Liv killed Ben.

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Fans all saying the same thing as Corrie's Sally Metcalfe ARRESTED by police


Fans all saying the same thing as Corrie’s Sally Metcalfe ARRESTED by police

But what will it take for authorities to release Liv and how far will Vinny go for her freedom?

同时, Meena is enjoying her own freedom as she managed a narrow escape from justice.

The serial killer is thought to have fled the country, although viewers last saw her on her way to Glasgow, in Scotland.

It has since been confirmed that the sinister nurse is all set on returning to the Dales with murderous revenge on her mind.

Will Meena ever replace Liv behind bars.

All that and more on Emmerdale, airing weeknights at 7pm with an extra episode on Thursdays at 8pm.

Although Vinny has been fighting for her release, Liv is to remain in prison

Although Vinny has been fighting for her release, Liv is to remain in prison

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