Aaron Dingle di Emmerdale rivela cosa ha combinato dopo la bomba romantica

AARON DINGLE revealed he is back for good and met someone in Italy who will be moving to the Dales.

Aaron (Danny Miller) returned to the Dales after one year awaybut where has he been?

Danny revealed his new love interest

Danny revealed his new love interestCredito: ITV
Liv wants answers from her brother who left her while she was vulnerable

Liv wants answers from her brother who left her while she was vulnerableCredito: ITV

In Tuesday’s episode, Aaron told his family he has been in Italy.

Faith Dingle asked if he met anyone special while he was abroad.

Aaron confessed he did, which Faith responded with: “Don’t go rushing back to him too quickly. It’s the first time I’ve seen your mum smile properly in weeks.

Dopo, Aaron revealed his mysterious new Italian love interest will be moving to the Dales to be with him.

Before this revelation, Aaron made up with sister Liv who had a lot of explaining to do after leaving her in jail.

Liv told her brother she needed him when people thought she killed Aaron’s ex Ben andcould have been locked up for life.

Aaron told Liv he couldn’t handle seeing her excessively drinking and thought he might befeeding it.

He added how he regretted leaving but is here now and wants tofix things.

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Prossimamente, the siblings are laughing in the kitchen making sandwiches and then Vinny walks in.

Liv is eager to share Aaron’s “notizia” ROBERT Gentile è stata l'ultima persona sopravvissuta di interesse nel famigerato caso di furto d'arte del Gardner Museum “met someonein Italy.

Marco from Milanin construction apparently,” Liv added.

Vinny asked: “Does this mean you are going back then?”

Aaron answered: “No actually he’s going to come over here. I won’t be leaving here again.

Fans were delighted for Aaron and his news about a potential Italian boyfriend.

Prendendo su Twitter, uno ha detto: “A man from Milan, lucky Aaron. #Emmerdale 😄

Un altro ha scritto: “It’s soo good to have Aaron back in Emmerdale. I’ve missed him.

A third penned: “Aaron looks like a beacon of happiness! 🙄 You can see the sun, sand and sex radiating off his skin!!”

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7:30pm on ITV.

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