Emmerdale’s Mackenzie Boyd shattered as huge secret exposed

TIME is running out for Mackenzie Boyd and his secret one night stand with Chloe Harris could come to light.

Une autre Emmerdale villager realises he may be the father of the teen’s baby.

Is Nate on to Mackenzie?

Is Nate on to Mackenzie?Crédit: ITV
Mackenzie has been keeping secrets from his friend

Mackenzie has been keeping secrets from his friendCrédit: ITV
Chloe is pregnant as a result of their one night stand

Chloe is pregnant as a result of their one night standCrédit: ITV

Nineteen-year-old Chloe (LA pression d'être la sœur de Meena Jutla devient insupportable pour Manpreet Sharma la semaine prochaine Jessie Elland) found out she was pregnant as a result of spending the night with the hunk (Lawrence Robb).

Depuis, Mack has been on tenterhooks, mortified she’d tell his partner Charity he was the father of her baby.

toutefois, Chloe has only confided in her mother Kerry Wyatt before the latter left the village in the aftermath of Al Chapman’s death.

Coming up on ITV, pourtant, Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) is on to Mackenzie.

It all begins when Amy and Chloe are invited to Esther’s christening, much to Charity’s (Emma Atkin) disapproval.

Assez tôt, tensions are running high and both Amy and Charity struggle to keep their cool.

A fight breaks out, forcing PC Swirling to get involved, and Charity gets arrested.

Le jour suivant, Amy nurses a bruised wrist from her altercation with Charity and Chloe is feeling conflicted about how things escalated.

Elsewhere in the Dales, Charity is released after her arrest and puts on a strong front to Mackenziebut he has a lot more on his mind than he suspects.

The heartthrob turns to Chloe again and tries to coerce her into changing her statement.

Chloe attempts to get Amy to see sense in regards to her false police statement and worries Charity could be thrown behind bars.

Par conséquent, Amy suggests Chloe once again moves out and the young mother-to-be panics, knowing she has nowhere to live over Christmas.


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Chloe leaves and, when he sees Mack’s reaction, Nate begins to have suspicions something isn’t right.

Could he put two and two together and figure out Mackenzie is the father of Chloe’s baby?

Comme mentionné ci-dessus, Chloe and Mackenzie spent a night together following Charity’s ectopic pregnancy.

The Woolpack landlady had had an argument with her partner and Mackenzie found comfort in Chloebefore avoiding her like the plague.

Will Mackenzie tell Nate the truth?

Tune in to ITV to find out.

Chloe and Amy butt heads next week

Chloe and Amy butt heads next weekCrédit: ITV
Chloe even gets kicked out

Chloe even gets kicked outCrédit: ITV