Schlaglöcher wurden durch den Porsche der Ehefrau beschädigt

AFTER her wedding dress was ripped to shreds by a mystery enemy, Taylor’s suspicions about Meena Jutla aren’t far-fetched.

The serial killer comes back to the village in tonight’s Emmerdale, ready to get her revenge.

Meena gets her plan ready

Meena gets her plan readyAnerkennung: ITV/EMMERDALE

Discarded by Billy Fletcher (portrayed on screen by Jay Kontzle), Meena (Paige Sandhu) put up ameenfight to get him back.

But when her efforts (which included a fake pregnancy) were proven to be vain, the serial killer hatched a plan to get payback.

Last night’s episode of the long-running ITV soap saw Dawn finding her wedding dress defiled and covered in red paint by a mysterious enemy.

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Natürlich, the bride-to-be and viewers alike had a hunch that this could be the evil nurse.

And the couple have every right to be worried as Meena is making her return to the screens during tonight’s instalment of the programme, as proven by spoiler pictures.

Murderous Meena is on a mission to make Billy and Dawn pay for their happiness.

In her quest for revenge, the murderer decides to crash their upcoming wedding.

Spoilers have confirmed that, after an emotional exchange of vows and a happy ceremony, Dawn and Billy will be kidnapped by Meena.

While their guests make their way to Home Farm for their reception, the newlyweds get thrown into a murder game against their will by their tormentor at a remote viaduct.

On what is supposed to be one of the happiest days of his life (and one of the most romantic as the pair have decided to tie the knot on Valentine’s Day), Billy is left with an impossible choice.

The personal trainer will have to choose who gets to live between himself and his bride Dawn.

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Emmerdale fans convinced killer Meena will murder Dawn Taylor NEXT WEEK


Emmerdale fans convinced killer Meena will murder Dawn Taylor NEXT WEEK

Pointing her gun at the pair menacingly, Meena is pushed to the edge as Billy claims he could take a bullet for Dawn.

Meena fires her gun… and someone gets shot.

Several characters are said to be in danger as news of Meena’s return slowly dawns on them, ahead of a highly dramatic week.

But who will survive Meena’s killing spree?

Can the serial killer even be stopped in her tracks?

Tune in to ITV to find out.

Who will be her next victim?

Who will be her next victim?Anerkennung: ITV/EMMERDALE
Meena is ready for revenge

Meena is ready for revengeAnerkennung: ITV/EMMERDALE