‘Emotionally traumatised’ Laura Anderson broke down in tears on Celebs Go Dating

AN ‘emotionally traumatised’ Laura Anderson broke down in tears as she faced a break-up on Celebs Go Dating.

The stunning 33-year-old is currently appearing on the hit show, and rose to fame after taking part in the fourth series of Love Island, finishing as runner-up with her partner at the time, Paul Knops.

Laura Anderson is 'emotionally traumatised' after her recent split

Laura Anderson is ’emotionally traumatised’ after her recent splitCredit: E4
Dating expert Anna Williamson shed light on what Laura was like on the show

Dating expert Anna Williamson shed light on what Laura was like on the showCredit: ITV

Former flight attendant Laura split from musician boyfriend Dane Bowers earlier this year, with the star admitting they were “just not right for each other”, in an emotional social media post.

Celebs Go Dating’s dating pro Anna Williamson has opened up on how Laura’s recent split has affected her on the show.

She shared the impact was “enormous,” and continued: “She would admit that. We have certain types that come in, I’d say, at the beginning of a series. Laura came in, like, ‘I’m all happy and sunny, funny and flirty, hey, here I am.’ Which is lovely, but we see through that straightaway, it’s masking.

“She’s clearly come out of a very, very difficult breakup with Dane, and it’s all that classic fake it till I make it type attitude.

“When she stopped faking and stopped putting on the show, so to speak, then we really started to get to the heart of Laura, that she’s very emotionally traumatised by the breakup with Dane. It’s had a huge impact on her and she hadn’t, until she’d come to the agency, had that time to really process that that relationship has ended, and at any emotion she still carries around that.”

Anna explained that Laura has been “building herself back up” after the split, and “still has a lot to work through emotionally.”

The dating expert continued: “I think that relationship with Dane has been very emotionally tough, I think it’s a good thing it’s come to an end. I think that relationship is, they were two people on different pages, and it was clearly a very painful situation to work out when was the time to exit.

“She made that decision, but I don’t think that decision was an easy one for her. And I think the relationship was very intertwined. They’d been backwards and forwards, getting back together. She’s had to find a lot of inner strength to fully walk away from what was a relationship I don’t think was serving her very well.”

Discussing how she worked with Laura while on the show, Anna said they’d “seen a pattern.”

“The minute she tries to hide it and bulls*** us is the minute she gets freaked out and she tries to cover it up with, ‘oh gosh, they’re going to ask me something that I don’t want to answer’. And she freaks out, and she backs out, and we see that. And then we have to just encourage her that you can’t. You have be honest,” Anna continued.

Laura joins the likes of Sinitta, Gary Lucy, Navid Sole and Pete Wicks as the show returns on weeknights at 10PM on E4.

Laura joins a star-studded line up on Celebs Go Dating

Laura joins a star-studded line up on Celebs Go DatingCredit: E4