ジャクリーン・ジョサからハリー・レドナップまで、すべての「I'm A Celeb」の受賞者

THERE have been a total of 22 celebs who have taken the I’m A Celebrity crown.

The ITV show has been gracing our screens since 2002, and there have been some truly memorable Kings and Queens of the Jungle (and Castle).

 Jill Scott is the current and reigning queen of the jungle

Jill Scott is the current and reigning queen of the jungleクレジット: レックス

I’m A Celebrity winners list

2022 – Jill Scott

Former England footballer Jill Scott 勝った I’m a Celebrity 2022!

The star won over the public as soon as she entered the jungle with her humour and her immense bravery during her Bushtucker trials, whilst managing to overcome her fear of heights.

She became a household name after England won the UEFA Women’s Euro in 2022.

The trophy topped off a fantastic career for one of the Lionesses most notable starsand she’s gone and added another crown to her collection.

2021 – Danny Miller

 Danny Miller was crowned king of the jungle in 2021.

Danny Miller was crowned king of the jungle in 2021.クレジット: インスタグラム

エマーデール 俳優 Danny Miller 勝った 私は有名人です 2021.

テレビスター, who is best known for his role as Aaron Dingle on the soap, officially became King of the Castle.

Danny reacted to his win: “From the bottom of my heart and my family’s heartthank you so much.

This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me, bar my son.

The soap star endured a final trial of wearing a helmet over his head that was filled with critters.

He was up again Corrie’s サイモングレッグソン, who placed second, そして フランキーブリッジ who came in third.

2020 – Giovanna Fletcher

 Giovanna Fletcher was named the first-ever Queen of the Castle

Giovanna Fletcher was named the first-ever Queen of the Castleクレジット: REX Features

Giovanna Fletcher scooped the crown in 2020.

初めて, the series took place in 生け垣城ウェールズ による コロナウイルスパンデミック.

STRICTLYのトムフレッチャーと妻のジョバンナは、ラインナップに加わることに神経質になっていることを明らかにしました could barely speak at the shock of being named Queen of the Castle and told アントアンドデック to ask her again in a week how she felt.

無線 1 DJ Jordan North was runner-up and TV presenter [object Window] finished in third.

2019 – ジャクリーン・ジョサ

 Jacqueline Jossa was the winner of I'm A Celebrity 2019

Jacqueline Jossa was the winner of I’m A Celebrity 2019クレジット: レックスの機能

ジャクリーン・ジョサ でした 2019 champ after being crowned Queen of the Jungle.

Speaking about winning the show 彼女は言いました “I can’t believe I’ve done all that stuff.

In an emotional moment, she said that she felt the show had been a “ターニングポイント” 彼女の人生で.

コリー 俳優 Andy Whyment was runner-up and DJ Roman Kemp 3位.

2018 – ハリー・レドナップ

 Harry Redknapp delighted viewers and went on to win the show in 2018

Harry Redknapp delighted viewers and went on to win the show in 2018クレジット: レックスの機能

ハリー・レドナップ was voted King of the Jungle in I’m A Celebrity 2018.

He was crowned champion after beating エミリーアタック そして John Barrowman.

Speaking after his win, ハリー 前記: “I’m amazed. I’m amazed I survived three weeks to be honest with you.

“When I first came in, I looked and I thought, '何てことだ, I’m in trouble here.I looked at the group and I thought, they don’t really know or are interested in anything I’m interested in.

“No sport and it was only Nick really who knew a little bit about football.

I thought it’s going to be a hard couple of weeks but they just dragged me through it, every one of them.

“They’re the most lovely people I’ve ever met, the whole group. There wasn’t one person I could ever say one single bad word about. They were amazing.

私は有名人です 2022 – ここにあなたが知る必要があるすべてがあります

2017 – Georgia ‘Toff’ トフォロ

 Georgia Toffolo was crowned the winner of I'm A Celebrity 2017

Georgia Toffolo was crowned the winner of I’m A Celebrity 2017クレジット: REX Features

Georgia Toffolo emerged as a viewer favourite, despite entering as a relatively unknown celebrity.

前者 メイド・イン・チェルシー star won viewers over with her sunny personality and friendship with fellow campmate スタンリージョンソン.

ジョージア 言った アントアンドデック: “I don’t know what to say. 明らかに, I didn’t think anyone would like me, never mind… sorry, I’m really taken aback.

Thank you so much, I don’t know what to say, I’m really shocked! ごめんなさい! これは本物ですか?”

She pipped Iain Lee who finished third on the final night and Jamie Lomas who came in second.

2016 – Scarlett Moffatt

 Scarlett Moffatt won the 2016 series of I'm A Celebrity

Scarlett Moffatt won the 2016 series of I’m A Celebrityクレジット: REX Features

ゴーグルボックススカーレット・モファット went from watching the telly to achieving her dream of being on it when she agreed to sign up for I’m a Celebrity.

The star’s simple nature endeared audiences and campmates alike, and by the end of the series it was clear she was favourite to win.

She beat out comedian ジョエル・ドメット そして エマーデールアダムトーマス to the top spot.

Her memorable moments included her going head-to-head with an ostrich called George, taking part in the cyclone そして gagging uncontrollably as she took part in the infamous eating taskキャロル・ボーダマン.

Speaking on her win, 彼女は言いました: “It was a a massive learning curve. I feel like I need to have more confidence in myself.

I feel like a much more confident person walking out of here. I didn’t expect to have any clichés in here.”

2015 – Vicky Pattison

 Vicky Pattison was Queen of the Jungle in 2015

Vicky Pattison was Queen of the Jungle in 2015クレジット: Brian Roberts – 太陽

ショーの彼女の時間の間に, ビッキー・パターソン proved that she was more than willing to take on any task chucked her way, and took on water cannons, climbing walls, underwater runways and mountains of critters for her team.

She also spoke candidly about her time as a member of ジョーディショア, and admitted that she wanted to make her mum proud.

On winning the trophy after beating out Union J’s George Shelley そして 知っているFerne McCann, she hysterically hugged everyone near herbefore breaking down in tears.

She cried: “I don’t even think I deserve it. Thank you so much and I love yous alland I’m probably going to have to pay for me mam and all me mates phone bills when this is over!”

2014 – Carl ‘Foggy’ Fogarty

 に 2014 it was Carl Foggy Fogarty's turn to wear the crown

に 2014 it was Carl Foggy Fogarty’s turn to wear the crownクレジット: Jayne Russell – 太陽

Former motorbike racer Carl Fogarty was known for his competitive natureand that saw no sign of slowing down as he made his way through his time in the jungle.

During his time on the show, he took part in a staggering SEVEN trialsand never failed to bring home every star.

He was consistently the winner of the public vote throughout the three weeks, そして won with 59 per cent of the public vote.

彼がトップに出たとき、ショーの13番目の勝者に選ばれました, Foggy went up against Mel Sykes そして Jake Quickenden to win the crown.

2013 – Kian Egan

 Kian Egan won I'm A Celebrity 2013

Kian Egan won I’m A Celebrity 2013クレジット: Brian Roberts – 太陽

ザ・ Westlife singer beat designer David Emanuel to be crowned champion of the 2013 シリーズ.

Consistently a favourite, Kian took part in seven out of the possible 20 challenges and formed a close bond with several members of the camp including ジョーイ・エセックス そして アルフォンソ・リベイロ.

After winning here, he humbly said: “Everyone’s a king and queen here.

2012 – Charlie Brooks

 EastEnders actress Charlie Brooks was victorious in 2012

EastEnders actress Charlie Brooks was victorious in 2012クレジット: Brian Roberts – 太陽

チャーリー・ブルックス may be known to most as the evil Janine on イーストエンダーズ, but when she took to the jungle, everyone soon realised she was a real sweetheart.

During her time on the show she was seen struggling being away from her young daughter, as well as decent food.

She even cried because she missed fajitas. Pussycat Dolls star アシュリーロバーツ came second, and boxer デビッド・ヘイ came third.

2011 – Dougie Poynter

 McFly's Dougie Poynter won I'm A Celebrity 2011

McFly’s Dougie Poynter won I’m A Celebrity 2011クレジット: Jayne Russell – 太陽

Cheeky chappy ダギー proved himself to be a kind-hearted champ while in campeven after being given a task to betray his fellow camp mates in a series of mischievous tasks.

ザ・ 厳密に夜 star also celebrated his birthday while on the show, and he was treated to a song by former contestant, ピーターアンドレ.

After forming a tight bond during their time on the show, Dougie was put against マークライト そして Fatima Whitbread, who came second and third.

ダギー tried to hide his tears under his hair, but to no avail as Mark told him: “There couldn’t be a better winner. He’s the nicest kindest person in the whole entire world.

2010 – Stacey Solomon

 Stacey Solomon scooped the crown in 2010

Stacey Solomon scooped the crown in 2010クレジット: レックスの機能

エセックス 女の子 ステイシーソロモン first came on our radar when she competed on Xファクター, and had her second chance at fame with her role in 2010’s series. Initially seen as a bit of a clutz,

Stacey soon proved doubters wrong with her staying power and ability to come through when in a pinch.

By the end, she was up against Happy Mondays star ショーンライダー and comedian Jenny Eclair, in what was possibly the closest win the show has ever had.

数年後, the show would bring her something elsehusband and fellow king ジョースワッシュ.

2009 – Gino D’Acampo

 Chef Gino won the I'm A Celebrity 2009 シリーズ

Chef Gino won the I’m A Celebrity 2009 シリーズクレジット: レックスの機能

Gino D’ACampo’s cheeky nature and killer sense of humour made him a fan favourite almost immediately.

The insatiable ladiesman made no secret of enjoying waking up next to former page 3 モデル, Samantha Fox, and the other beauties in the camp including Camilla Dallerup そして ケイティ・プライス (who was appearing for a second time).

Dealing with five bushtucker trials, the culinary artist was faced with munching down on some of the disgusting treats the show had on offer to make it through, and became a valuable asset as the chef in camp.

フィナーレで, he won the show after beating キム・ウッドバーン and Jimmy White in the public vote, and became King of the Jungle.

When talking to Ant and Dec afterwards, he revealed his shock at living in that situation, having assumed that they wouldat least give him a baguetteoff-screen.

2008 – Joe Swash

 Joe Swash won I'm A Celebrity in 2008
Joe Swash won I’m A Celebrity in 2008クレジット: News Group Newspapers Ltd

ジョースワッシュ proved to be a force to be reckoned with when it came to Bushtucker Trials, and of the 21 possible tasks he could’ve taken part in, he only missed one star the entire time.

His campmates became fond of Joe, and he formed a particularly strong bond with Esther Rantzen, becoming protective of her during his time there.

最終的には, Joe was head-to-head with tennis player Martina Navratilova そして Star Trek icon George Takei, but was crowned the winner.

2007 – Christopher Biggins

 Lovable Christopher Biggins won his series of I'm A Celebrity

Lovable Christopher Biggins won his series of I’m A Celebrityクレジット: レックスの機能

Christopher Biggins was nearly booted from the show after two weeks when he landed in the bottom two.

A late start to the show, he even took part in a rare live trial alongside Janice Dickenson on day five in order to bag eight stars for his new camp mates.

Biggins soon became a firm favourite over the course of the show, with camp mates praising him for bringing a fun energy into the long jungle days.

With the show now running 20 日々, he managed to persist, and in the end he beat Janice and Five singer J to the crown in the final hurdle.

2006 – Matt Willis

 Busted star Matt Willis won the 2006 I'm A Celebrity series

Busted star Matt Willis won the 2006 I’m A Celebrity seriesクレジット: レックスの機能

Busted star マット・ウィリス became one of the most memorable winners of I’m A Celebrity when he took the crown.

By day 17 he suffered a close call and ended up in the bottom two, but scraped enough votes to clinch his place and presenter Jan Leeming went home instead.

On the final day, Myleene Klass came second and Jason Donovan came third.

2005 – Carol Thatcher

 Carol Thatcher surprised everyone with her can-do attitude and won I'm A Celebrity 2005 国の年間降水量はわずか3インチから4インチです

Carol Thatcher surprised everyone with her can-do attitude and won I’m A Celebrity 2005 国の年間降水量はわずか3インチから4インチですクレジット: レックスの機能

Carol Thatcher, the journalist daughter to former Prime Minister マーガレット・サッチャー, was a surprise winner in the 2005 シリーズ.

ショーの彼女の時間の間に, she competed in five trialsthree willingly, and two as voted for by the public.

She eventually beat エマーデール actress Sheree Murphy, who placed second, そして シド・オーウェン, who came third.

Speaking about her win, 彼女は彼女が “amazed, astonished and gobsmacked to the power of 100to come out on top.

冬 2004 – Joe Pasquale

 Cheeky chappy Joe Pasquale won the 2004 series of I'm A Celebrity

Cheeky chappy Joe Pasquale won the 2004 series of I’m A Celebrityクレジット: レックスの機能

Comedian and presenter Joe Pasquale became the next king of the jungle after participating in four trials and winning the title from ダイアナ妃の right hand man, Paul Burrell, そして Fran Cosgrave who came in third.

当時の, he took part in the show’s most expensive trial ever, the Hell-O-Copter, and won all eight stars in the process.

He also got attached to two emus the camp were tasked with looking after, which he called Ant and Dec after the show’s presenters, even when they pecked his glasses off.

Viewers loved his famous voice and upbeat sense of humour.

1月 2004 – Kerry Katona

 Kerry Katona became the first jungle Queen when she won I'm a Celebrity 2003

Kerry Katona became the first jungle Queen when she won I’m a Celebrity 2003クレジット: レックスの機能

アトミック・キトゥンのスター ケリー・カトーナ (then Kerry McFadden) got off to a shaky start on the show after only landing two stars during her first trial on day three.

By the final day, ピーターアンドレ came in second, そして Jennie Bond in third, 一方 ケリー scooped the crown.

Though it wasn’t all a loss for ピーター, 2番目に来たのは誰ですか, as he left with a new girlfriend, ケイティ・プライスwho would be his wife and mother of two of his children before they 分けて 2009.

2003 – Phil Tufnell

 Phil Tuffnell became the second King of the Jungle when he won I'm A Celebrity in 2003

Phil Tuffnell became the second King of the Jungle when he won I’m A Celebrity in 2003クレジット: レックスの機能

England cricket player Phil Tufnell was the next king of the jungle after taking part in the show that ran for two weeks from late April, 2003.

The star took part in three challenges, but after two weeks in the show came dangerously close to leaving after falling down to the bottom three.

Thankfully he pulled himself back and was up against England footballer John Fashanu そして Linda Barker 決勝で.

While Phil took home the win, John came second and Linda was third.

2002 – Tony Blackburn

 DJ Tony Blackburn was the first ever winner of I'm A Celeb as it launched in 2002

DJ Tony Blackburn was the first ever winner of I’m A Celeb as it launched in 2002クレジット: レックスの機能

The first ever king of the jungle, radio DJ Tony Blackburn was crowned champion after taking part in the summer of 2002.

He beat the late socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson and Christine Hamilton to be crowned champion.

A firm favourite from the start, Tony and Tara both managed to remain safe from the public vote throughout their two week stay.