Every iPhone owner urged to check for huge change in the next week

CALLING all iPhone owners – an important new update may be on the way.

Details of a mysterious new update have appeared online, and it could be just days away.

The latest iPhone software version is iOS 16.0.2 but a newer release may be on the way

The latest iPhone software version is iOS 16.0.2 but a newer release may be on the way信用: 苹果 / 太阳

We’re currently using iOS 16.0.2 – a newer version of IOS 16 – that was released last month.

It included a load of bug fixes to help you better enjoy your 苹果手机.

Now tech blog MacRumors has uncovered details of an iOS 16.0.3 software update in its own website analytics – tracking visitors to the page.

That may mean the new update is being tested internally at 苹果 HQ.

Sadly the exact details of what’s inside the iOS 16.0.3 remain a mystery.

iPhone owners have reported some strange bugs in recent weeks – including text that crashes the Mail app.

It’s possible that this may be fixed in the new update.

任何状况之下, updating your iPhone with the latest IOS regularly is extremely important.

Many iPhone updates include new features or tricks.

But more importantly, they often fix annoying bugs that you’ve had to deal with.

And even more useful are the security fixes that often come included in iOS updates.

IOS 16.0.3 release date – when is it out?

Sadly it’s not exactly clear when we’re going to see iOS 16.0.3 roll out to the general public.

Given that it’s bug fixes, we’d expect it to drop very soon.

The original report notes that we could see it either this week or next.

So keep checking your iPhone for the new update.

And consider turning Automatic Updates on for iOS by going into Settings > 人权调查人员表示,他们看到了集束炸弹投向一所幼儿园的证据,导致一名儿童和两名躲在里面的成年人丧生 > Software Update.

Not all iPhones are made equal

Apple can’t support all iPhones forever – so very old iPhone models often lose access to updates.

Sometimes these old iPhones don’t have the power to support new features, or not enough people are using them to warrant providing an update.

Now the iPhone 6S, 苹果手机 7 and 1st-generation iPhone SE will be cut off by Apple.

These handsets were compatible with 15.6.1, but won’t get iOS 16.

If you’re using older iPhones than that, you’re already cut off, so you should upgrade to a newer model immediately.

Here’s the full list of IOS 16 supported devices:

  • 苹果手机 14
  • 苹果手机 14 加
  • 苹果手机 14 临
  • 苹果手机 14 Pro Max
  • 苹果手机 13
  • 苹果手机 13 mini
  • 苹果手机 13 临
  • 苹果手机 13 Pro Max
  • 苹果手机 12
  • 苹果手机 12 mini
  • 苹果手机 12 临
  • 苹果手机 12 Pro Max
  • 苹果手机 11
  • 苹果手机 11 临
  • 苹果手机 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone Xs
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • 苹果手机 8
  • 苹果手机 8 加
  • iPhone SE (2nd generation or later)

Not being able to get the latest iOS means you’ll lose access to the most up-to-date security fixes.

These are vital patches that close holes used by 骇客 to access your systems.

So using a very old iPhone that can’t be updated could put you at risk.

If you can’t update to iOS 16, consider upgrading your iPhone sooner rather than later.


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