Todo lo que Vigil de la BBC se equivocó sobre la vida en un submarino

BBC One’s new drama Vigil has flagged up some MAJOR inaccuracies about life on a submarine.

The six-part series by the makers of Cumplimiento de su deber y Bodyguard kicked off on Sunday.

BBC One's Vigil has flagged up some major inaccuracies

BBC One’s Vigil has flagged up some major inaccuraciesCrédito: BBC

It follows the investigation into a dead service person (Martin Compston) aboard a Royal Navy submarine.

Despite gripping fans already, there have been some big blunders that have been pointed out.


Melissa Roberts, whose husband used to work in the Marines, picked up on several inaccuracies.

Some things are obvious. Freestanding cupboard, American style controls, can’t give away position yet she is going to be taken in board so they have to surface …

I suspect a lot being not accurate makes it safer for our armed forces.” ella dijo El espejo.

Other fans have pointed out the mistakes, uno escribió: “Trying to watch #Vigil when your husband’s a submariner.. not hearing the end of it about the inaccuracies.

Otro compartido: “BBC, you could at least have found some proper Royal Navy Cap badges! #Vigil #CostumeMalfunction.

One posted: “Lots of basic errors in this. Don’t they do their research?”

mientras tanto, former submariner David Lovell, who served in the Royal Navy for 23 años, pointed out some major issues while speaking to the Metro.


During the episode’s opening scenes, it’s also unrealistic an SSBN would be in waters where fishing vessels operate, as these are relatively shallow and confined waters and ‘not ideal for a massive submarine that wants to stay hidden,” David said.


If someone dies on a patrolsome of which can take up to three monthsthen their bodies are in fact stored on the sub’s freezer.

In my days it was highly unlikely that a death would have required the submarine to break patrol; there are cases of deaths where the body was stored in the vessel’s deep freeze food compartment until return to base,” David explained.

When I say deep freeze, it’s a whole compartment. So once you’ve had a couple of weeks eating your way through the steaks and the fish, then you’ve probably got a bit of room to store a body.


Silva comes in to investigate Burke’s body but the torpedo tube is then left open after his body is taken out.

David said this was a ‘very casualway to handle a torpedo door.

The rear door requires permission to be opened and would be shut immediately to maintain watertight integrity. It wouldn’t be left open while they chatted,” él dijo.

There are two doors to keep the water out. You’ve opened one, so there’s only one [left shut] so if hydraulics fail and the outer door opens, you’ll sink the submarine.


The police detective gets put in a top bunk as she joins the crew to investigate the murder, but that’s not exactly where guests would be put.

De hecho, the DCI should have been given a bed in the torpedo rack.

There are normally not enough bunks in the submarine for the amount of people it carries. I think at the start, ellos dijeron 140 men and eight women; that would be a pretty realistic number,” David explained.

“Básicamente, a bunk is strapped to the torpedo rack and they lie on top of the torpedo – that’s very commonplace.


DCI Silva sprays some chemicals to detect the presence of blood at the crime scene, but that would be a big no-no onboard a real submarine.

David said: “No chemicals would be permitted to be sprayed, the atmosphere is recycled continuously, filtered and monitored. Many substances are banned from being brought onboard.


Monday’s episode ended on a cliffhanger as a reactor scramthe emergency shutdown of a nuclear reactor to stop the fission process.

It is achieved by rapidly inserting control rods into the reactor.

Vigil’s characters were seen reacting with panic, as red lights flashed in warning and the submarine descended dangerously deeper in the water.

But actually, if that serious event were to happen, things in reality would be much calmer and the submarine’s crew would work to preserve energy onboard.

David explained: “The submarine will come to a shallower depth, on battery power, and reduce electrical power until main nuclear power is restored.

Suranne Jones stars as Amy Silva investigating a murder aboard a Royal Navy submarine

Suranne Jones stars as Amy Silva investigating a murder aboard a Royal Navy submarineCrédito: BBC

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