Bose kêrel het twee van my babas vermoor – Ek het geen idee gehad totdat hy weer toegeslaan het nie

A MUM has told how her boyfriend killed two of her children in eight monthsand she had no idea until years later.

Laura Gray, 29, lost 24-day-old Ruby and and 21-month-old Logan at the hands of Jordan Monaghan.

Laura Gray had no idea that her fiance Jordan Monaghan killed her children

Laura Gray had no idea that her fiance Jordan Monaghan killed her childrenKrediet: Cavendsish
Logan and Ruby Monaghan both died in 2013

Logan and Ruby Monaghan both died in 2013Krediet: Cavendish Press
Jordan Monaghan, op die foto, was found guilty of murdering his former partner and two children

Jordan Monaghan, op die foto, was found guilty of murdering his former partner and two childrenKrediet: Cavendish Press
Monaghan's partner after Laura, Evie Adams, was killed with a drug overdose

Monaghan’s partner after Laura, Evie Adams, was killed with a drug overdoseKrediet: MANNE Media

Monaghan smothered his Ruby, as she slept in her Moses basket while Laura was asleep upstairs.

Eight months later he took his toddler Logan to a public swimming pool and smothered him while alone in a changing room cubicle.

Laura never suspected that their father had killed themas doctors ruled Ruby had pneumonia, while Logan’s cause of death was inconclusive.

But six years later he murdered his new partner Evie by giving her deadly prescription drugs including tramadol and diazepam, which he had bought illegally on the black market.

In December he was handed three life sentences, and must serve a minimum of 40 years before he is considered for parole.

Now Laura has told of her pain after discovering that the father of her children caused the horrific tragedies.

She told The Sunday Mirror: “I always feel guilty, every day I feel guilt, and it runs through my head all the time what I could have done differently.

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“I carry that with me every day. I will carry that with me for the rest of my life.”

Little Ruby was born on Decemember 8, 2012, and Laura said it gave them the “best Christmas ever.”

Sy het verduidelik: “I felt like the luckiest mum in the world, with my own little family.

“It was all I had ever wanted. I was determined to give my children everything I had never had.”

During cops investigations into the tots’ deaths they discovered Monaghan had attempted to smother her just days before her death/

Laura was upstairs folding clothes when Monaghan shouted up to herand when she came down she found Ruby fighting for breath and she was taken into hospital for three days.

But on New Years Day Monaghan tried againand killed her.

Het Laura gesê: “The children were in bed and we watched a film and saw the New Year in before I went to bed. Jordan stayed up to give Ruby her 2am bottle.

I woke in the early hours to Jordan shouting that she wasn’t breathing. I ran downstairs and I could see, the moment I looked at her, that she had gone.

“We called an ambulance and I went with her to the hospital, but it was too late.”

An inquest held in April 2013 ruled that she died of natural causes after contracting acute bronchopneumonia.

Het Laura gesê: “I crashed completely after Ruby died. I really leaned on Jordan for support. He was very strong and practical. He planned the funeral, then he returned to work.

“He just carried on. But again, I just thought that he was being strong for me. I didn’t suspect a thing.

“We focused on Logan, because he was all we had left. Jordan had a really close relationship with his son.”

Soon after Laura discovered fiance Monaghan had not been paying rent, and had a serious gambling problem.

Brave Laura told him they were finished and to move out.

The next day Monaghan killed their son Logan, when he took the tot to the local swimming baths and smothered him in the changing rooms.

He pretended the toddler was asleep, and wheeled him home in his pram.


November 2008

Jordan Monaghan and Laura Gray become engaged after beginning their relationship as teenagers.

November 17, 2011

Logan Monaghan is born.

September 23, 2012

Logan is taken to hospital after swallowing paracetamol while at home alone with Monaghan. That morning, Miss Gray told him the relationship was over.

Desember 8, 2012

Ruby Monaghan is born.

Desember 29, 2012

Ruby collapses while alone in the living room at home with Monaghan.

Desember 31, 2012

Ruby is discharged from hospital. A viral infection of bronchiolitis is diagnosed.

Januarie 1, 2013

Ruby collapses while alone with Monaghan and is pronounced dead at 2.45am in hospital.

Augustus 16, 2013

Laura Gray discovers Monaghan had run up £2,000 credit card debt from gambling and she tells him the relationship is over.

Augustus 17, 2013

Logan is discovered dead in his buggy after returning home from being alone with his father in a cubicle at a local swimming pool.

Januarie 2018

Further information comes in and Lancashire Police review the deaths of both children and launch a double murder investigation, Operation Mayford. Monaghan is arrested and bailed for further inquiries.

Oktober 11, 2019

Monaghan and his partner of a number of months, Evie Adams, row during a weekend trip to Blackpool.

Oktober 24, 2019

Evie Adams is found collapsed and declared dead at 8.50pm from drug toxicity.

January 18, 2021

Jordan Monaghan is charged with the murders of Ruby, Logan and Evie Adams.

Desember 17, 2021

Following a 10-week trial at Preston Crown Court, Monaghan is convicted of all three murders.

Het Laura gesê: “Jordan told me to wake Logan while he went out to collect a pizza,” says Laura. “I knew the moment I lifted the rain cover.

“He looked the same as Ruby. Jordan tried CPR, covering up what he had done and putting on a show, knowing he was already dead. I was shell-shocked, absolutely devastated.”

In 2018, it was announced that the deaths of Laura’s children were being reviewedand Monaghan was arrested.

But while out on bail in October 2019 he brutally murdered his new girlfriend after she tried to dump him.

Laura believes he killed their children to force her to stay with him.

She sa: “He knew that we were having problems and I think he did it to bring us closer together, knowing that I would lean on him for support. And I did. I leaned on him, and he knew that I needed him. It was a control thing.”

Sy het bygevoeg: “It’s scary to think what could have happened if we hadn’t split up.”

“When I found Ruby, she was covered with a blanket.

“Om terug te kyk, that didn’t make sense. Surely if she wasn’t breathing, he would have uncovered her? With Logan, he had taken him swimming without telling me.

Jordan hated swimming, he’d never been. Then he came home and insisted that I woke Logan, to ensure that I found him. I still struggle not to blame myself.”