L'ex-star d'EastEnders est méconnaissable dans la série The Bay 3 – mais l'as-tu repérée?

A FORMER EastEnders star looked worlds away from her character in Albert Square as she appeared in last night’s series premiere of The Bay.

Zahra Ahmadi, who was the first actress to play Shabnam Masood back in 2007, returned to screens in ITV’s grisly drama as Shazia Riaz.

Zahra Ahmadi, la gauche, is starring in ITV's The Bay

Zahra Ahmadi, la gauche, is starring in ITV’s The Bay
She played Shabnam Masood in EastEnders in 2007

She played Shabnam Masood in EastEnders in 2007

The 40-year-old has built up a fine CV of acting credits since leaving the Square including roles in Doctor Who, Black Mirror and Marcella.

In EastEnders Zahra was daughter of Masood Ahmed (Nitin Ganatra) and Zainab Masood (Nina Wadia).

Her year on the show was dominated by a major identity crisis as she struggled to find a balance between her family’s traditional Muslim heritage and British culture.

She eventually left for Pakistan in order to find herself. When the character returned in 2014 she was played by Rakhee Thakrar.

Meanwhile in The Bay, DS Jenn Townsend was immediately thrown into the deep end after relocating to seaside town Morecambe when a body was found in the bay on her first day in the job.

Les plus lus dans le théâtre

The Bay series 3 murder 'solved' by fans who all have the same complaint


The Bay series 3 murder ‘solvedby fans who all have the same complaint

Her investigation took her into the lives of aspiring young boxer Saif’s grieving but suspicious family who clearly have secrets.

Shazia was seen in tears beside her mum as the police ask about the dead athlete and his relatives.

Viewers grumbled on Twitter after just one episode, saying the killer was obvious.

People quickly pointed fingers at Saif’s brother on Twitter, l'écriture: “We going with Jamal did it?”

It all seemed to add up too soon, as others spotted Jamal looked older than his apparent 16 années.

One posted: “By the look of the 16-year-old Jamal who looks more like 35, I reckon he did it!”

Et un autre a écrit: “Bad casting… how old is Jamal if in same class as that other lad

Has Jamal been held back at school? For like 40 années?”

Jamal is the only boy at high school with a wife, mortgage and two kids he’s putting through uni!” another baffled fan wrote.

Others had different theories, with one claiming DS Townend’s handsome husband had something to do with the grisly death.

Seeing him in the final scene tonight, the person insisted on Twitter: “He’s her husband! He’s the killer!”

Marsha has replaced actress Morven Christie, who will not return to the ITV murder mystery series.

Après deux séries à succès sur La Baie, L'actrice écossaise Morven a pris la décision de quitter la série, sans donner de raison.

Les producteurs de l'émission ont déclaré à ITV: "Les producteurs de l'émission remercient Morven pour sa brillante contribution à La Baie et lui souhaitent plein succès pour l'avenir.

"Alors que l'ADN de l'émission reste le même, le changement de rôle principal offre l'opportunité passionnante de placer un nouveau personnage au centre du drame et d'explorer le monde de Morecambe sous un nouvel angle.

Marsha Thomason has joined the series as DS Jenn Townsend

Marsha Thomason has joined the series as DS Jenn TownsendCrédit: Tall Story Pictures 2021

The Bay series 3 reveals new grisly death with dead body floating in the water