Genaues Datum im Juli, an dem sich Ihr Einkommen ändern könnte – wie Sie Ihr Gehalt überprüfen

MILLIONS of people are set to see a change to incomes next month which will give them a much-needed cash boost.

Workers and people on Universalkredit will be among those to benefit from cost of living help in July.

Millions of Brits will get a cash boost in July

Millions of Brits will get a cash boost in JulyAnerkennung: Getty

It comes as prices for essentials rise, einschließlich grocery shopping, Energierechnungen und fuel costs.

Two changes coming within weeks are set to offer some relief though.

That includes a one-off cash payment going into bank accounts of those on Universal Credit and certain other benefits.

Meanwhile hundreds of thousands of workers will get a pay rise when a change to National Insurance kicks in.

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Free cash worth up to £2,050 if you DON’T qualify for cost of living payment


Free cash worth up to £2,050 if you DON’T qualify for cost of living payment

Anyone in work and on Universal Credit is set to gain from both. Folgendes müssen Sie wissen:…

National Insurance threshold rise from July 6 – Sie vergießen URIN und

The amount you can earn before you start paying Staatliche Versicherung contributions (NICs) will rise to £12,570.

You should see the change in your first pay check nach Juli 6 when it takes effect.

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One day left to bag £125 FREE cash - here's how


One day left to bag £125 FREE cash – hier ist wie

The increase from £9,500 means you can earn more before the tax is dueand some people will now pay nothing at all.

You can check exactly how much less NICs you’ll pay and how much more you’ll get in your pay packet using the government’s calculator.

Someone on a salary of £20,000 will pay around £291 less each year.

Cost of living payments from July 14 – Sie vergießen URIN und

Anyone on Universal Credit and certain other benefits will see a change to their payments next month.

That’s because they are due to get an extra amount on top thanks to a cost of living payment.

The first half of the £650 boost is due to hit bank accounts from July 14, and should reach everyone by the end of the month.

The first amount is worth £326 and is designed to help with extra costs as inflation soars.

The cash is on top of usual Universal Credit or benefit amounts and is paid separately.

To get the first payment, you will need to be in receipt of any of these eligible benefit payments as of May 25 dieses Jahr, or have started a claim by this date and later be successful.

Das eligible benefits sind:

  • Income-based Jobseekers Allowance
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Income Support
  • Working Tax Credit
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Pension Credit
  • Universalkredit

Anyone getting tax credits is also eligible but will get the payment at a later date.

A second payment worth £324 will be made in Autumn with the exact date for that to be confirmed.

There will also be later cut-off date that you’ll have to be claiming the benefit by to qualify for this second amount.

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It means you could be eligible for the second payment, even if you didn’t get the first, if you start claiming Universal Credit or other benefits.

It could be worth checking now if you could claim benefits as it’s estimated that millions of people are missing out.

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