Facebook has changed what YOUR News Feed looks like – here’s how

META implemented several changes to Facebook’s News Feed throughout 2021. Here’s what you might have missed.

ال tech giant published a list on its blog on Monday of all the new features and tests it launched for Facebook’s News Feed this year.

Facebook rolled out several new features of News Feed in 2021.

Facebook rolled out several new features of News Feed in 2021.الإئتمان: العلمي

The company wrote in the مشاركة مدونة that all of the changes they launched were for the benefit of their users, specifically togive people who use Facebook more control over their News Feed” و ل “reduce negative experiences.

Meta also added that theycontinually evaluate the effectiveness of News Feed ranking signals and give people insight into how content appears in their feeds.

In the blog post, Meta further proclaimed that they have made significant strides in providing more transparency intohow the News Feed ranking process works, what gets distributed, and why.

Here’s a timeline of all the features and tests Facebook launched this year for News Feed:

شهر فبراير 2021

في فبراير, the company rolled out tests to reduce political content in News Feed in response to direct feedback from its users.

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مارس 2021

The social media app released several new features in March, بما فيها “Choose Who Can Comment,” “Favorites,” و “Feed Filter Bar.

They also expanded suggested posts to include theWhy Am I Seeing Thisfeature, which offers users morecontext and control over the content they see and share in News Feed.

أبريل 2021

في أبريل, Facebook launched tests to incorporate user feedback and critique regarding the content they wished to see more or less of in their News Feed

مايو 2021

Meta announced in May new ways for users to display reaction counts on both Facebook and Instagram.

أغسطس 2021

في أغسطس, the company shared their first-everWidely Viewed Content Report,” to reveal what News Feed content is the most viewed in the US.

شهر سبتمبر 2021

Facebook’sContent Distribution Guidelineswas released in September.

The report included definitions of content the company identifies asborderline and likely violating our community standards, sensational health content and unoriginal video content.

شهر نوفمبر 2021

في نوفمبر, the company shared its secondWidely Viewed Content Reportand announced plans to make News Feed controls easier to find and use for both users and advertisers.

ديسمبر 2021

Facebook stated that this month they actually removed a feature, ال “transparent authorship signal,” because it did not have asignificant effect on the news ecosystem.

They added thatwe still prioritize original reporting in News Feed and will continue to boost quality news by improving more impactful News Feed signals.

The social media giant said that they "continually evaluate the effectiveness of News Feed."

The social media giant said that theycontinually evaluate the effectiveness of News Feed.الإئتمان: جيتي

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