Le famiglie possono ottenere fino a £ 750 per elettrodomestici o mobili – come applicare

HOUSEHOLDS struggling this winter could grab up to £150 cash towards soaring essential bills, or £750 towards furniture and white goods.

The Household Support Scheme is running nationwide with a pot of £500million to be dished out.

Low income families can grab essential support from their local council this winter

Low income families can grab essential support from their local council this winterCredito: Getty

The scheme is in its fourth month, and is due to end March 31.

But some councils may run out of funding before this date.

Each local authority has been given a different portion of the pot, and how they award the money is up to them.

Per esempio, Rutland council is giving its vulnerable residents £100 cash, The Royal Borough of Greenwich is giving out £115 in cash and vouchers, e Nottinghamshire County Council is providing £30 vouchers.

To find your local authority, you can use the government’s local council checker tool.

Cash-strapped families that live in Haringey can access free cash towards the cost of living o white goods and furniture.

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What help is available?

Haringey Council has specified they’ll be giving either cash via a BACS payment, or vouchers towards essential bills.

Cash payments are aimed at helping families out of a state of emergency this winter.

The cost of living crisis means some are having to choose between heating and eating, or heating and clothing their children.

The maximum amount of cash towards essential living costs is £150, but residents could get up to £750 for white goods and furniture.

Funds are provided on a case by case basis, so this could be less if the authority believes the level of need is lower.

Research by End Furniture Poverty found one in five people live in an area where there is no local authority crisis support.

If you can’t access help towards furniture and white goods from your council, you may still find help from charities and organisations such as Turn2Us, Buttle UK e Glasspool Trust.

They offer grants towards items like washing machines or cookers if you cannot afford to buy or repair them.

Haringey Council has also set some of the funding aside for The Youth Fund which is in place to support young people who face challenges intensified by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Payments will be awarded to meet the support required but will not exceed £100 per person.

The money could be used to maximise talent in education or buy interview clothes to support employment opportunities.

Who is eligible for the scheme?

Residents must live in the London Borough of Haringey, be over the age of 16, and be in receipt of qualifying benefits or on a low income.

To view the full eligibility requirements, you can check Haringey Council’s website.

As a guide, low income means earnings of less than £500 per week for a family or £350 per week for an individual.

Households that are deemed more vulnerable than others will be prioritised.

This could include those with disabilities, those with health problems, lone parents, victims of domestic abuse or other more at risk residents.

How to apply

Haringey authorities has automatically contacted some households via letter who they believe may be eligible for the funding this winter.

If you haven’t been contacted, you can still apply through the Haringey Support Fund page on their website.

Applications can be made by the applicant or their appointee, carer, advocate or a third party acting on their behalf.

Giving details of household income and savings are part of the application process, so be prepared to provide evidence and information.

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