La familia no quiere tener nada que ver conmigo después de la adicción al alcohol. – estoy tan solo

QUERIDA DEIDRE: SOME people are destined to live lonely lives – in my case it must be punishment for the bad things I’ve done.

I’m a 43-year-old woman with two grown-up daughters.

I feel like my lonely existence is a punishment for my previous behaviour

I feel like my lonely existence is a punishment for my previous behaviour

After getting out of a violent relationship,

I’m not proud to say it but I turned to drink and behaved badly.

Now even my parents want nothing to do with me.

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It has taken all my strength but I’ve managed to stop boozing and yet no matter how hard I try, no one is interested in me.

How do I learn to accept my destiny, because I am so lonely?

DICE DEIDRE: I know things feel bleak but nothing stays the same for ever.

You aren’t powerless to alter your life, but you are responsible for changing your life – no one else can do that for you.

Having a belief that you are destined to be alone is your biggest block to having a loving life partner.

Please get in contact with, which helps victims of abuse who feel isolated and at risk.

Its website has a fantastic section called Power To Change, which would be really useful for you to read.