Fan arrested in connection with causing Tour de France crash with huge sign

A CYCLING fan has been arrested today in connection with causing a massive crash in the Tour de France.

An unknown woman caused chaos midway through Day One of the 竞赛which began with a 123-mile ride from Brest to Landerneau – 与一个 huge sign for her grandparents.

An unknown woman caused a huge crash on Day One of the Tour de France with a huge sin

An unknown woman caused a huge crash on Day One of the Tour de France with a huge sin信用: 发现 +
The lady's sign knocked Germany's Tony Martin off balance

The lady’s sign knocked Germany’s Tony Martin off balance信用: 发现 +

The spectator was so keen to have her homemade sign captured by the cameras she rushed to the track and extended it out.

But she inadvertently knocked Germany’s Tony Martin off balance, causing a huge pile-up.

骑自行车 fanatic somehow managed to escape the scene and was said to have fled the country.

But reports have claimed a suspect connected to the incident has finally been apprehended.

根据 RTL, the woman in the video was arrested on Wednesday and taken into custody in Landerneau.

It’s not yet known if she’s has been granted bail.

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The lady was completely oblivious to the carnage she'd caused.

The lady was completely oblivious to the carnage she’d caused.信用: 发现 +

The arrest comes less than 24 hours after the Republic of Brest’s prosecutorCamille Miansonisaid of the investigation: “Things are progressing well and we hope to be able to explain this event within a reasonable time.

After the call for witnesses which was launched in the evening, several testimonies were taken.

“明显地, you have to cross-check them, you have to check them, it takes a little time.

Prosecutors in Brittany immediately launched a criminal investigation after the accident, with a spokesman for the Finistere Gendarmerie urging the public to help turn in the suspect.

他们说: “The spectator who caused this accident left the scene before the arrival of the investigators.

Everything is being done to try and find her. She was wearing glasses and dressed in blue jeans, a red and white striped sweater, and a waxed yellow jacket.

The woman's sign left a sea of bodies by the side of the road

The woman’s sign left a sea of bodies by the side of the road信用: 法新社

Tour organisers were left seething by the crash, so much so they intend to take legal action against the woman.

Deputy director Pierre-Yves Thouault told AFP. “We are suing this woman who behaved so badly.

We are doing this so that the tiny minority of people who do this do not spoil the show for everyone.

Remarkably, the horrific crash resulted in no life-threatening injuriesalthough 21 of the riders were affected by the pile-up.

Ignatas Konovalovas, Cyril Lemoine, Marc Soler and Jasha Sutterlin were all forced to retire from the race due to the injuries they sustained.

Lemoine picked up the worst of the injuries, breaking four ribs in addition to suffering a moderate pneumothorax and a head wound.

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