Fears rise over shooter copycats after arrest of another teen with rifle

FEARS of copycat shooters following the Texas massacre are rising after another teen with an AR-15-style rifle is arrested.

Multiple close calls have occurred around the country in the aftermath of Salvador Ramos rampage at Robb Elementary School that left 19 students and two teachers dead, and more than a dozen others injured.

Salvador Ramos is the alleged shooter in Tuesday's attack

Salvador Ramos is the alleged shooter in Tuesday’s attackالإئتمان: انستغرام
Law enforcement officials responded to the scene in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday

Law enforcement officials responded to the scene in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesdayالإئتمان: رويترز

روب كارداشيان يدعي Blac Chyna أنه لا يدفع أي دعم يزعم shot his grandmother before fleeing that scene in her pickup truck, Texas Governor Greg Abbott said Wednesday.

He then crashed the vehicle outside of the elementary school, where he encountered officials. But he managed to gain entry to the school via a back door, Abbott said.

The incident occurred just minutes after Ramos allegedly sent messages to a 15-year-old girl in Germany he befriended on a live-streaming platform, filling her in on his plans.

The massacre comes after the Uvalde Leader-News reported that four years ago this month, two teenagers were arrested after authorities discovered their plan to commit a mass shooting at nearby Morales Junior High.


Salvador Ramos' mother says she was 'surprised' over son's killing spree


Salvador Ramosmother says she was ‘surprisedover son’s killing spree


A student was arrested Wednesday after he was spotted walking towards Berkner High School with what was believed to be a rifle.

Richardson police responded to the scene. A Berkner High student was identified as the suspect.

While he was not found carrying a rifle, police did find an AK-47 style pistol and a AR-15 style rifle in his car, وفقا ل local ABC News affiliate.

The unidentified student was reportedly charged with unlawful carrying weapons in a weapon-free school zone.

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Greg Abbott and Ted Cruz to speak at NRA convention 2022 after Uvalde attack


Greg Abbott and Ted Cruz to speak at NRA convention 2022 after Uvalde attack

The high school and a nearby elementary school were placed on lockdown during the incident.

The Richardson Police Department would like to remind the public of the importance to report suspicious activity, as we recognize the vigilant awareness and actions of the person who initially called 911 to alert law enforcement,” Richardson Police said.


Enterprise High School in Redding, California was placed on lockdown at 8.30am Wednesday morning following reports of a possible student with a handgun on the premises.

The Redding Police Department placed the school on lockdown before detaining the student.

The situation was remedied by 10.30am. No shots were fired and no students were harmed.


A Maryland man threatened violence against an elementary school and local business on May 23.

A manhunt for Earl Benjamin Washington Jr was underway after the threats surfaced.

Washington allegedly called Gale-Bailey Elementary School and a business in the area making the threats on Monday.

The calls to the specific locations are related to people he knows and is believed to be domestic-related,” according to a statement from the Charles County Sheriff’s Office.

Officials had asked for the public’s help in finding Washington after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Washington was apprehended on Wednesday morning in St Mary’s County.

The sheriff’s office said thatout of an abundance of caution,” there will be more officers at Gale-Bailey Elementary this week.


A second grader at Edward Kemble Elementary in Sacramento brought a gun and loaded magazine to school on May 24.

Other students alerted staff members of the weapon, قال مسؤولون.

شرطة “secured the weapon and opened an investigation,” according to a statement from the Sacramento City Unified School District.

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Anna Duggar holds back tears & storms out of court after Josh is sentenced


Anna Duggar holds back tears & storms out of court after Josh is sentenced

“We are grateful that this incident did not result in a tragedy such as those that districts have experienced, including today’s tragic and senseless mass shooting at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, تكساس,” the school district said.

“This is due in large part to the bravery and awareness of the students who came forward and alerted staff at Kemble today.”

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