FIFA 22 Bug ROTTURALE DEL GIOCO scoperto giorni prima del rilascio

FIFA 22 launches this week, di venerdì, ottobre 1, but players with Early Access are running into game-breaking bugs.

EA Play subscribers and those who pre-ordered FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition have been granted early hands-on time with the game.


FIFA 22Credito: Reddit/ u/goosebumpsHTX

But players are reporting all kinds of bugs, from fairly innocuous ones to bigger issues that are affecting the game.

One Reddit user postato a player image (sopra) intitolato “Skinny arms are still an issue in FIFA 22.

While it’s not impacting gameplay, fans are annoyed, calling it anembarrassment” e “inaccettabile“.

But a bug posted on Twitter has caused even more of a backlash against EA.

How is anything like this acceptable in a game that comes out using the same engine, with minor changes, every single year?” reads the tweet accompanying the short clip.

The video shows players disappearing into the ether as soon as they make contact with the ball.

What’s even more frustrating in this instance is that after attempting to head the ball to the goalkeeper, both players vanish.

The goal is wide open and the AI kicks the ball in, with a clear opening thanks to some Thanos-esque magic.

There also appear to be server issue based on another users twittare, and a few people on the Reddit and Twitter threads are contemplating cancelling their pre-orders.

Ovviamente, there’ll no doubt be a day one patch deployed which should hopefully address any pre-release bugs.

EA hasn’t chimed in yet, but we’ll keep an eye out for the patch notes.

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If this hasn’t put you off, puoi pre-order FIFA 22 for its lowest price yet.

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