FIFA 23 Manager Career mode: Best teams to choose for a fun yet challenging game

MANAGER Career mode has had big updates added in FIFA 23, including the choice to use real managers like Steven Gerard or Jürgen Klopp.

Terwyl FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) bly oor FIFA 23’s most popular mode, Career Mode has seen a boost in popularity due to the latest changes.

You can now choose from a number of real managers.You can now choose from a number of real managers.

You can now choose from a number of real managers.You can now choose from a number of real managers.Krediet: EA Sports

Egter, met oor 700 teams to choose from, it can be difficult to figure out which one will give you the right level of challenge.

Taking on an established team like Paris Saint-Germain with its 86 rating, of Manchester stad, rated 85, will be too easy for seasoned players.

These are the top five teams we recommend for FIFA 23’s Manager Career mode, if you are up for the challenge.

5. Brighton & Hove Albion – Premierliga

Transfer budget: £43,092,490.

Star players: Leandro Trossard (79), Lewis Dunk (79), Pascal Groß (77).

If you want to remain in the Premier League, then Brighton & Hove Albion is our team of choice.

Former manager Graham Potter has now moved on to top team Chelsea, leaving behind a team with great potential.

They’re available for European competition qualification as FIFA 23 bekendstellings, so there is a great chance to hit it big.

While the budget isn’t impressive compared to other teams in the league, it gives you some wiggle room when it comes to building your team.

The Seagulls will provide a nice challenge, and with some good results and smart transfers, they can be taken to glory.

4. Paris FCLigue 2

Transfer budget: £6,163,674.

Star players: Lamine Gueye (71), Moustapha Name (70), Vincent Demarconnay (70).

Paris Saint-Germain dominates when it comes to French football, while Paris FC lays in Ligue 2.

It has only entered the top league once in the last 40 jare, and so it comes with a lot of potential.

Getting Paris F.C. back into Ligue 1 is the aim of the game here by winning promotion and building a title-winning side.

You start out with a small budget, but with priority on winning Ligue 2, it certainly can be managed.

Once in the top league, use your managerial prowess to earn a larger budget, increase the club’s value, and win yourself the silverware.

3. AFC RichmondRest of World

Transfer budget: £32,325,422.

Star players: Jamie Tartt (84), Roy Kent (83), Dani Rojas (82).

Rest of World is an understatement here, as AFC Richmond comes from the hit TV show Ted Lasso.

You can even play as Lasso himself at Nelson Road as you attempt to manage your fictional team.

AFC Richmond can play in any league you want, but if you want to follow the canon, you should replace a team in the English Premier League.

The players have been rated generously, and star player Jamie Tartt has a 91 potential rating if you can develop him.

You start out with a decent budget meaning you can transfer in some real-life players to help Richmond reach the top.

Hamburger SVBundesliga 2

Transfer budget: £11,713,216.

Star players: Sonny Kittel (73), Daniel Heuer Fernandes (73), Robert Nesta Glatzel (73).

Hamburger SV is a historic club with an impressive number of titles to their name.

They peaked in the 80s, winning the UEFA Champions League, but have fallen down the ranks, now firmly in Bundesliga 2.

Egter, local support remains strong and the team has the impressive 57,000-seat Volksparkstadion to help increase its income.

They finished third in the 2021/22 seisoen, meaning they have the potential to reach the top league in the Bundesliga.

Despite the small budget, a few key decisions could help Hamburger SV get back in the big leagues.

1. Grimsby Town – Liga 2

Transfer budget: £1,649,536.

Star players: John McAtee (63), Anthony Glennon (63), Harry Clifton (62).

For those who really want to take on a challenge, Grimsby is the lowest-rated team out of England’s four teams.

Grimsby Town is the team to choose for those who want to experience the true ‘park to Premier League’ style experience.

The transfer budget may be tiny, but you can gain new talent cheaply by correctly managing your youth academy.

Taking Grimsby Town to the top is a challenge in FIFA 23 not for the faint hearted. Overnight success is definitely not guaranteed.

Written by Georgina Young and Alex Bugg on behalf of GLHF.

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