FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: Giving fans more of what they want

FIFA’s Ultimate Team (FUT) is the most popular mode in EA Sports’ game, so naturally it is returning bigger and better in FIFA 23.

The online live service mode is where you can grind for better playersor pay real moneyto build the best team you can imagine.

More customisation options than ever before.

More customisation options than ever before.Crédito: EA Sports

FUT is a big money maker for EA Sports, so it’s spent a lot of time and money into getting it just right.

We interviewed line producer for FUT, Michael Barnucz, who revealed: “we’re excited to deliver more of what fans want in FUT 23.”

There are a whole host of added features including an all new single player mode coming to FUT.

Here’s the low-down on all that’s new.

Player chemistry

Make sure your teams get on with each other.

Make sure your teams get on with each other.Crédito: EA Sports

The chemistry system which links your team to how they play has had a complete makeover.

Barnucz said: “the new chemistry system will really help unlock squad building to give players more flexibility throughout the year.

“A new system allows your favorite players to share Chemistry no matter where they are on the pitch.”

In theory, this will make your team easier to build than ever before.

You will be able to put a few players that have ‘off chemistry’ in a team, even if they don’t have links to the other players.

It doesn’t matter if they are from a different league, or a different nationality anymore, they’ll fit right in.

Perfect positioning

Change positions more easily.

Change positions more easily.Crédito: EA Sports

The new chemistry system lends its hand perfectly to the updates to position changes.

You won’t have to spam cards and mix up their chemistry to get a player into a different position.

The FIFA community has long been asking for the ability to change a player’s position, much like how their real life counterparts adapt on the field.

Now there is a generic position change consumable with a secondary position available.

While the position changes are getting reworked, custom tactics will remain the same.

In the game

Stadiums will have a brand new look.

Stadiums will have a brand new look.Crédito: EA Sports

Many Icons and Heroes will be returning to FUT 23 and a whole new host of players will be joining them.

De hecho, la FUT Heroes roster has doubled, and those who pre-order will receive Yaya Touré, Park Ji-sung and Ricardo Carvalho as bonuses.

We don’t know how they’ll fit in with the teams just yet, but hopes are the new players will help shake up the meta.

Barnucz claims there will be added value when including Heroes in your teams.

Él dijo: “Icons and Heroes will provide a valuable boost to squads and open up team building by always playing at full chemistry when played in position.

“They’re contributing two player points worth of chemistry to their nation for Icons, and league for the Heroes.”

It seems EA Sports is hoping more players will try to include more Heroes and Icons into their teams.

Crossplay expansion

Play with more friends than ever before.

Play with more friends than ever before.Crédito: EA Sports

Despite the lack of crossplay for Pro Clubs and Volta Football, matching across consoles has been confirmed for FUT Rivals, Online Friendlies, Campeones, FUT Play A Friend, and FUT Online Draft.

Those who play via PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Google Stadia, or PC can enjoy a match together, while PS4 and Xbox One users can also share their fun

Desafortunadamente, if you want to grind Rivals or Squad Battles with a friend, you are still required to play on the same console.

Transfer markets will also be available across most consoles.

Barnucz says: “the transfer market is shared between PS5, PS4, Xbox Serie X|S, Xbox One, and Stadia. The PC transfer market is separate, as is the one for Nintendo Switch.

“With the combined transfer market, there will be a larger volume of content for players to engage with and more opportunities to bid on the items you want.

“It’s especially beneficial for players on platforms with less players.”

Casual play

A single player campaign is coming to FUT.

A single player campaign is coming to FUT.Crédito: EA Sports

The biggest addition to FUT is that EA Sports is introducing a single-player mode called FUT Moments as “a fresh way to play FIFA Ultimate Team.”

This will appeal to those who are time-poor and just want to dive in, earn coins and make progress.

You will be able to earn stars, and even play challenges as much as you want with quick restart.

Through this mode you can now explore the career progression of your favourite players in real-world scenarios.

Barnucz is confident the new mode will have something for all kinds of players.

Él dice: “Moments will have a massive variety in scenarios for both experienced and new players, and they can toggle difficulty for increased star rewards. "

Hypermotion2 hype

More realistic play.

More realistic play.Crédito: EA Sports

In our preview, it was the new Hypermotion2 technology that really sold the look and feel of FIFA 23.

The changes to traits and skills are something else to consider when building your newest team.

Barnucz hopes to move away from the old meta and build something completely different, which is new and fresh to players.

Gameplay producer, Sam Rivera, agreed when he said the changes will bring a: “more refreshed experience where it’s not just the same meta.”

It’s not just the animations, and overall graphical overhaul there are more customisation options for your stadium than ever before, with large, animated tifos and more pitch trophies.

World Cup is coming

Women's World Cup is Summer 2023.

Women’s World Cup is Summer 2023.Crédito: EA Sports

EA Sports has partnered with the World Cup to bring the men’s championship to the game this Winter.

This will be the first mid-season World Cup and could affect promotions such as Team of the Year.

Barnucz couldn’t confirm if the World Cup will work the same as in FIFA 18, when it had separate FUT tournaments giving big rewards for the main game.

sin embargo, the Women’s World Cup in Summer 2023 is also confirmed to come to FIFA.

General, the changes to FUT should mix up the meta for hardcore fans, while giving casual players something to enjoy too.

FIFA 23 will release on September 30, but those who pre-order the Ultimate edition can get their hands on it three days sooner on September 27.

Escrito por Georgina Young en nombre de GLHF.

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