Filling up your motor may cost you an extra £9 if you use a certain type of fuel

THE UK’s White Van Man faces being pummelled financially at the pumps.

The price of diesel has failed to keep up falling petrol prices.

Filling up your car can cost an extra £9 if you use this fuel type

Filling up your car can cost an extra £9 if you use this fuel typeKrediet: Getty

Market forces were blamed for diesel not dropping as much after the wholesale price of oil fell this week.

Diesel’s pump average is now 183.87p, a drop of only 15.20p — compared to the 30p dip in petrol to 160p.

And it will be plumbers, electricians and builders who bear the brunt in their vans.

Die AA estimate it will cost £9 more for a diesel user to fill a tank compared to a petrol driver.

Motoring companies say prices are high as demand for diesel is up — it is used for heating and power generation and as a sub for gas.

Howard Cox, co-founder of FairFuel UK, gesê: “Diesel prices remains higher than petrol due to market avarice not logical energy market dynamics.”

“The unchecked fuel supply chain is fleecing drivers and the commercial heartbeat of the economy at will.”

White Van Man Anthony Steven told The Sun delivery drivers now have to dip into their own pockets, as fuel is more expensive than the reimbursement they get.

He said last night: ‘Drivers are having to stump up £5 or £10 at a time.”