Descubre si volverán Vestuarios 2022

CHANGING Rooms made a triumphant return to TV in 2021 después 17 years off the air.

The decorating show thrilled viewers by sticking to the original formatand now fans want to know if the show will be back for another series.

Will Changing Rooms return for a new series in 2022?

Vestuarios returned for a rebooted series in August 2021, and it went down well with viewers.

Good news, Canal 4 have revealed the show will be back for a new series from August 10, 2022 a las 8 pm.

Each episode follows two different homeowners as they remodel each other’s housesand they can do anything they feel like, taking complete creative control over the renovation.

Predictably, this lead to some awkward and tense moments during the series, with some participants not quite able to appreciate the makeovers their homes received.

Changing Room is heading back to Channel 4 for another series

Changing Room is heading back to Channel 4 for another seriesCrédito: Canal 4

Who hosts Channel 4’s Changing Rooms?

Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen, who first appeared on the show all the way back in 1996, returns to front the show.

He is alone this time after Anna Richardson left the series.

Husband design due Jordan Cluroe y Russell Whitehead are also back for the new series.

The couple run 2LG Studio, an interior design studio well known for quirky designs and bright colours.

They are joined by plus two new interior designersMicaela Sharp and Whinnie Williams.

Carpenter and joiner Tibby Singh is also back to help bring the designers’ visions to life.

En 2021 fans were disappointed that ‘Handy Andy’, the cockney builder who made a name for himself on the show’s original run didn’t return.

Caroline Smillie, who presented the show from 1996 para 2003, was also a no show.

How can I watch Changing Rooms?

The show will air every Wednesday at 8pm on Channel 4 from August 10, 2022.

But if you missed any episodes, you can watch the rebooted series NOW on Todas 4 ahora.

The show originally ran from 1996 para 2004 en BBC One.