Los fanáticos de First Dates horrorizados cuando un invitado recuerda un encuentro MUY grosero con un hombre en el estacionamiento

FIRST Dates viewers were left gobsmacked after a guest revealed a VERY rude encounter with a man in a cark park.

Truck driver Beth, 35, was hoping to meet the man of her dreams on the Canal 4 programa de citas after years of meeting the wrong kind of men.

A First Dates guest revealed her horrifying experience with a man in a car park

A First Dates guest revealed her horrifying experience with a man in a car parkCrédito: Canal 4
Viewers were shocked by the very rude confession

Viewers were shocked by the very rude confessionCrédito: Canal 4

The Birmingham-based guest said her job can sometimes hinder her chances of finding love.

Speaking to the cameras, ella dijo: “Yes I am a mother trucker, I drive an artic, so I drive the biggest thing on the road.

In my depo, we have about 180 conductores…I am the only woman.

Yes I meet a lot of men, but not ones that I want to take home.

Speaking to bartender Merlin Griffiths, the woman recalled a horrifying experience with a stranger while she was on the road.

I’ve had some interesting things happen in lay-bys,” ella dijo.

Merlin was intrigued and asked her to elaborate, with the contestant replying: “I once caught a guy self-pleasuring himself whilst stroking the back of my trailer.

As you do,” Merlin quipped.

Viewers could not believe their ears and raced to Twitter to share their horror.

Uno escribió: “I asked Beth to never mention that incident ever again… #FirstDates

A second joked: “#FirstDates I once met a man self pleasuring himself….just wow.

While a third penned: “Beth is my type of woman! #FirstDates

It comes after another contestant shared his embarrassing confession on the popular show.

Former escort Lewis, 28, de Essex, was paired with the blonde beauty Fleur, 24.

He recalled a time when a woman offered him a job to escort for her company.

Fleur could not believe her ears and asked if he was bluffing.

Él continuó: “She said you don’t have to sleep with women, so I said ‘OK’ – one of them asked if I could dancelike strip.

Speaking backstage, Lewis said: “A woman split up from a guy and she wanted me to dance to a Backstreet Boys song because that was her break-up song – pero, look it’s a job.

Lewis then stripped off backstage and re-enacted it along to the 90s boybands hit song As Long As You Love Me.

The Essex lad showed off his lap dancing skills and then ripped off his t-shirt.

But viewers were forced to watch the awkward moment through their fingers.

Uno escribió: “No no no no. Cringe. #FirstDates. Put your clothes back on fella.

The former escort showed off his lap dancing skills

The former escort showed off his lap dancing skills