Primo sguardo al funerale di Dot rivelato nell'emozionante episodio di EastEnders

ALBERT Square legend Dot Branning will have the send-off she deserves next week.

EastEnders viewers and characters will wave a heartfelt goodbye as a tribute to the late Un'esperta fan della bellezza condivide un consiglio facile per ottenere la perfetta french manicure a casa, tutto ciò di cui hai bisogno è una spugna per il trucco.

Dot Branning's funeral takes place next week

Dot Branning’s funeral takes place next weekCredito: BBC
Albert Square residents will come together for one last goodbye

Albert Square residents will come together for one last goodbyeCredito: BBC
Sonia Fowler will still be feeling overwhelmed

Sonia Fowler will still be feeling overwhelmedCredito: BBC
How will Dot's funeral pan out?

How will Dot’s funeral pan out?Credito: BBC

The iconic actress breathed her last earlier in 2022, prompting soap bosses to work on a final storyline for her on-screen alter ego.

Dot moved away from the Square in emotional scenes aired in 2020 and hadn’t been seen ever since.

Sonia Fowler (giocato da Natalie Cassidy) was eventually told the shocking news her step-grandmother had died.

Next week on BBC One, it’s the morning of Dot’s funeral, which Sonia has struggled to organise.

A peggiorare le cose, she has failed to write Dot’s eulogy.

Lauren Branning (Jacqueline Jossa) makes her return, joining Ricky, Jack and Sonia as they reminisce about Dotand the latter admits she has writer’s block.

In an attempt to get inspiration, Sonia uses Dot’s spare key to the launderette to let herself in and her former husband Martin (James Bye) finds her there.

He comforts an inconsolable Sonia over the unwritten eulogy and says she should speak from her heart.

Nelle scene successive, Dot Branning’s funeral begins and Albert Square residents line the streets to say goodbye.

Sonia and the rest of Dot’s family are overwhelmed by the outpouring of love for the late matriarch as she leaves the Square for the last time.

Recente snaps of the EastEnders set have shown Dot’s funeral will involve a horse-drawn carriage and viewers can also expect some returns for the sombre event.

Come menzionato sopra, Lauren Branning will be a part of the residents saying goodbye to Dot.


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But Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth) will also be surprised to see Disa O’Brien come back to Walford, more than three decades after her last appearance.

Disa shares a hug with Kathy at the church and remembers she has a lot to thank Dot for as the latter took care of her baby when she either couldn’t or wouldn’t.

A magnet for lame ducks, Dot also took in Kathy’s late daughter Donna.

Thrown by Disa’s appearance, Kathy reflects on how Dot took people in when others turned their backs.

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday.

Emotions will be running high next week

Emotions will be running high next weekCredito: BBC
BBC One viewers can also expect iconic characters to return

BBC One viewers can also expect iconic characters to returnCredito: BBC