Primo sguardo alla serie Ozark 4 mentre Marty e Wendy Byrde sono intrisi di SANGUE

OZARK’s final season looks like it’s kicking off with a bloody mess if the first look is anything to go by.

As part of Netflix’s TUDUM fan event, star Jason Bateman introduced a small snipped-off where family-turned-criminals Marty and Wendy Byrde (played by Laura Linney) è ora.

Wendy and Marty have found themselves in some serious trouble

Wendy and Marty have found themselves in some serious troubleCredito: netflix
What has happened to the Byrdes?

What has happened to the Byrdes?Credito: netflix

And let’s just say that his interpretation of the scene was a little more wholesome than it actually was.

“You’re about to see a clip from part one of our supersized final season of Ozark. It’ll seem a little strange, it’s Marty and Wendy, they’re experimenting with a new hair mousse,” he cryptically tells viewers.

“We open up a beauty shop in this final season, we’re going off in a different directionit’s also just to sort of launder money.

“But this mousse is something that has a potential to be a big, big moneymaker for the Byrdes, as you will see. So we are delivering an epic two-part final season. It’s coming to you in 2022, we’re filming it right now, but here’s a clip to tide you over.”

The clip opens up on a massive party at a luxury mansion, with kids and their familys riding on zebras, eating cake and enjoying the festivities.

tuttavia, when the cameras cut to Wendy and Marty, they’re not dealing with hair moussethey’re covered in blood, trying to get it out of their hair in the upstairs bathroom.

The husband-and-wife duo look daunted by whatever’s occurred as they try to cover their tracks for what’s gone wrong.

A shaken Wendy then turns to Marty to ask him to help get the flesh and blood out of her hair, on the verge of tears.

Marty obliges, with the couple sharing a tender moment as they realise they are out of their depth.

But then, they’re disturbed by the sound of someone approaching them, and the screen fades to black.

The final season will run for 14 episodes and will be released in two parts.

The crime drama has been one of Netflix’s countless successes, following the Byrd’s as they get sucked into a criminal underworld after laundering money for a drug cartel.

This new clip was one of dozens of surprises dropped by Netflix over the course of Saturday.

In celebrating the TUDUM event, shows including Bridgerton, La corona, Umbrella Academy, The Witcher and Stranger Things shared first look clips.

The release date of Tiger King 2, and the confirmation of Sex Education season 4 was also part of the event.

Ozark is available on Netflix.

Jason introduced the clip as part of the TUDUM event

Jason introduced the clip as part of the TUDUM event
Wendy looks shaken by the days events

Wendy looks shaken by the days eventsCredito: netflix