Cinque aeratori riscaldati più economici di Aldi e B&Q – taglia le bollette di £ 100 all'anno

A CHEAP heated electric airer could cut your bills by nearly £100 a year.

With prices starting from less than £40, a freestanding airer can pay for itself in no time.


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A plug-in rack costing 10p an hour to run will add up to £52 a year if you use it for ten hours every week.

Using a tumble dryer costing £1.44 per cycle, after the October price cap rise, could mean a bill of nearly £150 if you use it twice a week.

That’s a saving of almost £100 a year.

Here’s some of the cheapest heated airers on the market.

Aldi’s Folded Wing Heated Airer, £ 39,99acquista ora

Aldi’s long awaited electric airer is back, available to pre-order from Sunday and in stores for a limited time from October 9.

Costing £39.99, including a cover which will help clothes dry faster, this is a great value alternative to an energy-guzzling tumble dryer.

Running at 230W, you just need to move clothes around on the rails every now and then for even drying.

Dunelm Heated Airer with Wings, £ 40acquista ora

Clothes airer

Clothes airerCredito: Dunelm

Running at 220 watts, Dunelm has calculated that this well-priced airer will only cost 7p an hour to run.

Used ten hours a week, based on the store’s calculations that will add up to just £18 if you use it for half the weeks in a year.

You can speed up drying time with a cover, which costs £16.

Dunelm also has other options, including a slightly larger two-tier heated airer for £75 or a smaller heated ladder airer, £ 40, perfect for smaller items, one-person households or students, which it says only costs 3p an hour to run.

Argos 11.5m Winged Heated Airer, £ 55acquista ora

Clothes airer

Clothes airerCredito: Argo

This dryer has 11.5 metres of drying space and can hold ten kilos of washing on its winged frame.

Like other similar designs, it can open out when you have a bigger load of washing, and folds away at the end of the day.

Like other airers, your laundry needs to be moved around during drying so that all the fabric comes in contact with the heated bars.

B&Q Electric Heated Clothes Airer, £57.95acquista ora

Clothes airer Band Q

Clothes airer Band QCredito: B&Q

There are a few different options for indoor heated drying at B&Q but this fold out version looks like the store’s best value option.

A similar model to Dunelm’s airer, it costs a little more but is currently in stock, if you can’t wait.

Con 18 rails drying clothes at 50 per 55 gradi, it should make short work of a family wash.

Status heated clothes airer from Currys, £69.99acquista ora

clothes airer

clothes airerCredito: curry

Lightweight and foldable, so it’s easy to handle and store, this is another 220 watt winged version that has enough capacity for a load of family washing.

You pay a little more but it is described as ‘sturdy’ on reviews, so should last you a good few years.