خمسة مفسدين من EastEnders بينما ينتقم Mitchells من Lewis Butler

COMEUPPANCE may be near for Lewis Butler, months after he raped Ben Mitchell.

لكن إيست إندرس baddie Phil Mitchell will be surprisingly reluctant to get revenge. Get the lowdown on this week’s Walford drama.

Sam Mitchell is trying to earn Phil's trust back

Sam Mitchell is trying to earn Phil’s trust backالإئتمان: بي بي سي
This involves catching Ben's rapist Lewis Butler

This involves catching Ben’s rapist Lewis Butlerالإئتمان: بي بي سي
But is this really the end for Lewis?

But is this really the end for Lewis?الإئتمان: بي بي سي

1. Lewis gets kidnapped

The cost of his drunken evening with Ben Mitchell may be greater than he’d ever imagined

Months after raping the Walford resident, Lewis Butler (portrayed by Cork actor Aidan O’Callaghan) is in Sam Mitchell’s target line as she’s hellbent on earning her brother Phil’s (Steve McFadden) trust again.

قادم, Ben is finally discharged from the hospital after suffering an overdose which could have been fatal.

Phil knows he still has a long road ahead of him before fully getting over his rape and he decides to take matters in his own hands.

The tough man turns to DCI Samantha Keeble, asking her to throw the book at Lewisbut this seems unlikely.

في مشاهد لاحقة, Phil is stunned when his sister Sam (Kim Medcalf) tells him she has found Lewis.

كما ذكر أعلاه, the scheming blonde is desperate to get back into Phil’s good books after it was revealed she’d been conspiring with Jonah Tyler behind his back.

She first decides to leave Albert Square altogether until Zack Hudson (James Farrar) tells her he has found Lewis.

Sam drives away with him to get Lewis, with a gun in her bag.

Armed with the weapon, Sam shocks Phil by showing him Lewis tied up in the boot of her car.

Sam is clear in her intentionsit’s time to get revenge for Ben.

Phil is driven to a warehouse but is reluctant to go along with the plan.

Could he really kill Lewis to avenge his son?

Or will he follow Kathy Beale’s advice and let justice take care of it?

Lovestruck Billy Mitchell is determined to fix his marriage

Lovestruck Billy Mitchell is determined to fix his marriageالإئتمان: بي بي سي

2. Billy tries to win Honey back

في أثناء, بيلي ميتشل (لعبت من قبل Perry Fenwick) hasn’t moved on from the downfall of his marriage and is determined to get his honey back.

Luck may even be on his side as Honey (Emma Barton) recently called it quits with Jay Brown after figuring out they wanted different things.

قادم, the market inspector talks to Ash Panesar about her new life, unaware Bob Lister is eavesdropping.

This leads to the character played by Nick Wilton to ask Lola Pearce for a mini makeover, determined to impress Honey.

Sonia Fowler and Honey also get their hair done and the latter agrees to say yes to everything as a challenge.

Unbeknownst to Honey, her ex husband Billy has decided to make one last attempt at fixing their marriage.

When Eve Unwin spots an awkward exchange between him and Honey, she encourages him to take her out for a drink.

But Bob beats him to the punch, inviting Honey for lunch and she agrees, much to Billy’s dismay.

Little does he know she has been pushed to agree to everything suggested to her by Sonia.

Soon enough, Sonia tells Billy about the challenge after she sees him upset about Honey and Bob’sdate.

Billy then comes clean about his intentionshe wants to give his relationship with Honey another shot.

Sonia encourages him to interrupt the date and ask Honey out.

ومع ذلك, ستنطلق الجولة الثالثة من كأس الاتحاد الإنجليزي في العام الجديد حسب التقليد, another Walford resident makes a move before he can.

Newcomer Finlay Baker swoops in when he sees Honey’s pain during her date and he pretends to be her boyfriend.

Billy is mortified and things could get worse after he overhears Honey agreeing to Finlay’s food stall.

But could they make up once again?

Or will Honey really move on with someone else?

Mick Carter comes back from a trip and the chemistry with his former wife Linda remains palpable

Mick Carter comes back from a trip and the chemistry with his former wife Linda remains palpableالإئتمان: بي بي سي

3. Mick and Linda get close

Determined to keep Mick (Danny Dyer) by her side, Janine Butcher (تشارلي بروكس) has stopped at nothing, which even resulted in her rival Linda Carter (لعبت من قبل كيلي برايت) being hospitalised.

ومع ذلك, the pub landlady may still be getting the last laugh.

قادم, Linda makes karaoke plans for the Vic but Janine thwarts them.

When Mick returns from seeing Zsa Zsa Carter with his mother Shirley, Janine realises he actually wanted the entertainment in the pub and does what she can to bring it back.

Unfortunately for her, Mick pays her no attention and she’s left seething when he joins Linda for some karaoke.

It also becomes clear the pair are enjoying their time together.

Should Janine be worried?


كل ما تحتاج لمعرفته حول عيد الفصح

Suki Panesar believes she's responsible for Ranveer Gulati's death

Suki Panesar believes she’s responsible for Ranveer Gulati’s deathالإئتمان: بي بي سي

4. Suki struggles to cope

في مكان آخر, things are getting hard for Suki Panesar following Ranveer Gulati’s death.

Shunned away from her family by her own children due to her involvement in Jags’ الموت, the businesswoman (صورت من قبل Balvinder Sopal) was almost sexually assaulted by Ranveer Gulati.

The character played by Anil Goutam had been blackmailing her into spending a night with him, promising her an important business venture.

When she tried to defend herself, Suki ended up hitting Ranveer over the head.

Suki then received the surprising help of Ranveer’s own son, Ravi (Aaron Thiara) and the pair covered up his death.

ومع ذلك, in upcoming scenes of the بي بي سي وان صابون, Suki’s daughter Ash becomes aware that something is wrong with her.

The GP asks Nina to keep an eye on Suki, perhaps believing her mother is hurting after the breakdown of her family.

في أثناء, Ravi arrives and urges Suki to carry on as normal to avoid suspicion and she complies, opening the Minute Mart.

في مشاهد لاحقة, ومع ذلك, the store is closed and Ravi is clearly annoyed.

Desperate to get her on board with his plan, Ravi gives Suki a reality check about needing to act as if nothing happed, ستنطلق الجولة الثالثة من كأس الاتحاد الإنجليزي في العام الجديد حسب التقليد.

The pair then tell Suki’s children they have bought the restaurant togetherbut will it be enough to distract Suki for Ranveer’s death?

Awash with guilt, she remains unaware that Ranveer’s death isn’t entirely her fault.

Will she ever find out the truth?

Stuart Highway isn't being himself this week

Stuart Highway isn’t being himself this weekالإئتمان: بي بي سي

5. Stuart gets news about his cancer

Months after his male breast cancer diagnosis, Stuart Highway (ريكي تشامب) gets an update on his health.

But residents slowly notice his behaviour is unusual and begin to worry about him.

Stuart is first feeling all over the place and even forgets important details about Avery Baker’s funeral.

His brother Callum (Tony Clay) worries about his attitude but there could be a lot more going on.

Stuart goes to hospital where he gets an update on his conditionbefore going missing.

Callum, Vi and Karen Taylor set out to look for him and they all find him in a bad state.

ومع ذلك, as they expect terrible news, they’re surprised to learn Stuart has actually been given the all clear.

This prompts him to confide in Karen about his recent behaviour.

What is he hiding?

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