Five huge EastEnders spoilers as Jean Slater returns to Albert Square

ALTHOUGH she was reluctant to come back to Walford, Jean Slater was convinced to give her home life another shot.

But the cleaner gets sour reminders of her past behaviour. Here’s what you should expect this week in EastEnders.

Jean Slater makes a comeback in Albert Square this week

Jean Slater makes a comeback in Albert Square this weekCredit: BBC
But things don't go as well as she had hoped

But things don’t go as well as she had hopedCredit: BBC
Harvey Monroe is on every corner

Harvey Monroe is on every cornerCredit: BBC
But there's also a potential exit in the works

But there’s also a potential exit in the worksCredit: BBC

1. Jean comes back to the Square

Months after her manic episode left her alone in hospital, Jean Slater is embarrassed to return to Walford, knowing her behaviour caused a lot of trouble.

But the cleaner portrayed by Gillian Wright was finally convinced by her daughter Stacey (played by Lacey Turner) to come home and start afresh.

However, a few bad and embarrassing memories will be creeping up on her this week when she encounters Harvey Monroe (Ross Boatman).

Coming up, Jean’s friends and family welcome her home but things get awkward when Arthur cowers away from his grandmother due to their last chat about Kush Kazemi at Walford East, among other ordeals.

Jean then tells Stacey that she will go to the Carnival party but when she steps outside, she spots Harvey with his daughter Dana (Barbara Smith) and immediately turns heel.

The local cabbie feels bad and, in turn, also decides not to go to the party, giving his daughter his credit card for university supplies.

But neither him nor Jean seem ready to make the first step to clear the air.

Dana Monroe is worried about her father

Dana Monroe is worried about her fatherCredit: BBC

2. Dana makes a decision

Harvey’s situation with Jean is only set to cause Dana some serious confusion as she gets ready to leave Walford to go to university.

As mentioned above, Harvey hands Dana his card for her university supplies and she wanders alone, thinking nothing of it.

But when she sees him again, it’s obvious to her that her father has been drinking and he brutally shuts her down when she suggests that he go and sees Jean.

Harvey is later seen alongside Bobby Beale and Rocky Cotton planning a surprise leaving party for Dana and they discuss whether they should invite Jean but the cabbie categorically refuses.

Dana remains unaware of the party in her honour and worries about her father’s behaviour when confronted to Jean, despite Bobby’s attempts to reassure her.

She tries to defer her place at university and reluctantly follows Harvey into local wine bar Peggy’s as she breaks the news she won’t actually be leaving due to her concerns for her father.

But as she does so, everyone jumps out to surprise her.

Is her decision final?

Ravi has his sights on Stacey Slater - much to Kheerat Panesar's annoyance

Ravi has his sights on Stacey Slater – much to Kheerat Panesar’s annoyanceCredit: BBC

3. Ravi tries to charm Stacey

A love triangle could be in the works in Albert Square this week as Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara) has taken a linking to Stacey Slater.

Unfortunately, he’ll have to make sure Kheerat Panesar (Jaz Deol) is out of his way before he can make his move, especially since Stacey is hellbent on standing by her man.

Coming up, Kheerat rethinks his feud with his mother after chatting with Stacey Slater but he’s rattled when he learns Ravi is moving in with Suki with his son Nugget.

Eve Unwin sees Ravi taunt Kheerat about looking after Suki, her love interest, and she tells the businesswoman what’s happening.

But more tension arises between Ravi and Kheerat.

Kheerat tells Stacey about his issues with Ravi.

Yet it’s only when Ravi tries to seduce her that the owner of Stacey’s Baps understands what her boyfriend means.

Stacey wants to make things clear – she’s only committed to Kheerat.

This prompts her to purposefully kiss Kheerat in front of Ravi.

Will it be enough to keep him at bay?


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Phil Mitchell wants to outsmart DCI Samantha Keeble

Phil Mitchell wants to outsmart DCI Samantha KeebleCredit: BBC

4. Phil plots against DCI Keeble

Aside from his love rivalry with Kheerat, Ravi is trying to keep an eye on Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden).

Coming up, Ravi looking for Phil all over the Square, including in Peggy’s, from which he gets thrown out when Sam Mitchell reveals he’s working with Suki Panesar.

Ravi waits for Phil at home and almost catches him on the phone to Keeble who is asking for names from him.

Once Ravi leaves, Phil knows it’s time he takes a stand and phones a contact called Dodge (Eddie Weber) in a bid to try and get some dirt on Keeble.

In later scenes, the pair meet and Phil finally gets the information he wants on DCI Samantha Keeble (Alison Newman).

However, he also knows some of his contacts are in danger and he warns Dodge to get out of the country before it’s too late.

But he’s soon reprimanded when meeting up with a fuming Samantha Keeble.

She reveals her anger at Phil telling everyone on her list to leave the country but he retaliates with his own news – he knows she has an ulterior motive.

Keeble is taken aback but comes to the conclusion it’s best to lay all of her cards on the table.

The detective hands Phil a photo of someone and it’s her turn to ask for information on them.

Who does she want information on?

Linda Carter finds out whether she'll be going to prison for drunk driving

Linda Carter finds out whether she’ll be going to prison for drunk drivingCredit: BBC

5. Janine tries to destroy Linda (again)

After leaving her unconscious in her car, letting her take the blame for a car crash she was actually responsible for, Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) is willing to stoop to any other low she can to try and keep her man.

Coming up, the day of the court hearing arrives and Linda (portrayed by Kellie Bright) is anxious to know what her fate will be.

Things are only more painful for her when she realises her divorce from her estranged husband Mick (Danny Dyer) is official and Zack Hudson (James Farrar) comforts her.

Felix and Finlay Baker try to lift her spirits and interrupt to prepare for their Carnival-themed party – but they’re disappointed to learn Linda probably won’t make it.

Meanwhile, Janine is furious when she realises Mick will still visit Linda if she goes to prison.

Seething and determined to make Linda disappear in whatever way she can, Janine gives a reluctant Jada Lennox (Kelsey Calladine-Smith) some money and blackmails her into helping her bring her rival down.

In later scenes, Linda has an emotional goodbye with her children, Ollie and Annie, and goes to the hearing with Mick by her side.

While in court, the Vic landlady delivers a passionate speech about her mistakes and she’s shocked when the judge doesn’t give her a prison sentence.

Relieved and ready to celebrate, Linda walks in to the Vic, leaving Janine fuming.

As she joins in the festivities and with the Carnival party well underway, Linda’s joy is abruptly cut short when Zack arrives with alarming news for her.

Linda’s world crumbles again before her eyes but Jada tells Janine she feels guilty.

The youngster adds they went too far in their plan but cold-hearted Janine brushes her concerns off and, instead of giving her a break, continues to blackmail her.

What will Janine do?

How will Linda cope?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.