Cinq spoilers massifs de Coronation Street alors que Stu devient incontrôlable

STU Carpenter was horrified when his dark secret was finally exposed to everyone in the cobbles.

This prompts Yasmeen Nazir to turn her back on him. Get the lowdown on all the upcoming drama in Coronation Street.

Stu Carpenter's secret was recently revealed by his former wife Lucy

Stu Carpenter’s secret was recently revealed by his former wife LucyCrédit: ITV
And his life spirals out of control

And his life spirals out of controlCrédit: ITV
Yasmeen Nazir wants nothing to do with him

Yasmeen Nazir wants nothing to do with himCrédit: ITV
Stu becomes convinced everyone is better off without him

Stu becomes convinced everyone is better off without himCrédit: ITV

1. Stu gets arrested

Life in Weatherfield is particularly troublesome for residents but, cette semaine, the cobbles have it in for Stu.

The former homeless man played by Bill Fellows has kept a secret from everyone he holds dear in Corrie and it has come back to bite him after he paid his daughter Bridget a visit.

Depuis, his life has only been worse and Yasmeen Nazir (LA pression d'être la sœur de Meena Jutla devient insupportable pour Manpreet Sharma la semaine prochaine Shelley King) would rather cut ties with him altogetherwhich is mostly due to her trauma lingering from her abusive marriage to Geoff Metcalfe.

LA pression d'être la sœur de Meena Jutla devient insupportable pour Manpreet Sharma la semaine prochaine, Kelly Neelan (Millie Gibson) is appalled to read about Stu on social media while Zeedan comes home from his holiday and is kept up to speed about recent events around Stu by his sister Alya.

Alya is worried about the effect of the bombshell on Yasmeen.

entre-temps, Kelly refuses to believe what is said about her friend and vows to get Stu’s side of the story.

In a devastating turn of events, she and Aadi Alahan find Stu lying in the streets, drunk and barely conscious.

Aadi phones an ambulance and, at the hospital, Kelly is ready to hear everything from Stu when she’s told he’s awake.

But while Kelly is willing to hear him out, Yasmeen is less compromising although she shows up at Stu’s bedside when she’s told about he’s in hospital.

Stu feels worthless, convinced Kelly is better off without him, and decides to isolate himself.

He tells Kelly she’s a nuisance who’s not welcome at his side anymore and the youngster leaves, very upset.

Alya then leaves for her own holiday and tells Zeedan he’s in charge of keeping an eye on Yasmeen.

Once he’s out of the hospital, Stu shows up at Speed Daal, desperate for a conversation with Yasmeen, but Zeedan sends him packing.

This only makes Stu even more determined to make Yasmeen hear him out.

In later scenes, Yasmeen finds him at No.6, retrieving his watch from his old room.

Stu refuses to leave until she’s heard his truth and, undoubtedly scared for her own well-being, Yasmeen surreptitiously calls Zeedan to alert him.

Having received and heard her call for help, Zeedan bursts into No.6 with police officer Craig Tinker in tow.

Stu is immediately arrested for breach of the peace.

Is there more turmoil ahead for him?

Can he save his connection to Yasmeen?

Ryan Connor is in for a lot of legal trouble

Ryan Connor is in for a lot of legal troubleCrédit: ITV

2. Debbie turns her back on Ryan

toutefois, Stu isn’t the only one in the cobbles to face the wrong side of the law as Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) has also landed himself into plenty of trouble.

Desperate for cash, Ryan joined forces with businesswoman Debbie Webster (Sue Devaney) as the pair staged a robbery in the Bistro.

Mais cette semaine, Debbie decides to wipe her hands clean of Ryan’s legal problems as he’s charged and instructed to attend magistrates’ court.

Caught out by Craig Tinker who viewed some damning CCTV footage, the police officer confirms the video may bring Ryan down.

As he tries to avoid the fallout of his actions, Ryan tells Debbie they should stage fake CCTV footage of a masked gunman forcing him to rob her restaurant.

To his dismay, Debbie categorically refuses to help him, perhaps believing her quest for more cash in a bid to pay off Ed Bailey has gone too far.

But Ryan isn’t one to give and he tries to fix the Bistro camera all on his ownuntil he gets caught by Ronnie Bailey.

The character advises Ryan to accept his punishment but later shows him support at the magistrates’ rechercher.

Ryan’s guilty plea is accepted by the district judge and he awaits sentencing.

What will come out of the ordeal?

Could Ryan go to prison?

Not all is as it seems with Stephen Reid

Not all is as it seems with Stephen ReidCrédit: ITV

3. Stephen’s financial woes are exposed

Ailleurs, Stephen Reid (LA pression d'être la sœur de Meena Jutla devient insupportable pour Manpreet Sharma la semaine prochaine Todd Boyce) fails to keep up appearances as his money struggles slowly come to light.

It all begins when he confides his concern for Audrey to his mother’s long-term frenemy, Rita Tanner, and the pair agree to arrange a treat for her.

Rita and Stephen decide to organise a trip to Debbie Webster’s hotel in a bid to cheer Audrey up.

While Rita recruits Roy Cropper and Ken Barlow to join their posh afternoon tea at the hotel, Stephen receives a call in the café.

A receptionist asks him about the deposit for the afternoon tea and matters only become more troubling for Stephen.

The latter is embarrassed when his card is declined right in front of Shona and Sarah Platt, who are amused by the mishap.

toutefois, Stephen is fuming and yells down the phone at his Italian bank.

Plus tard, at No.8, Stephen calls the hotel to pay the deposit over the phoneusing a card belonging to a Mrs Gabrielle Reid.

Is he stealing money from someone?

Could he try and take advantage of his own mother after taking control of her finances?


Everything you need to know about Coronation Street

Toyah Battersby is under a lot of pressure

Toyah Battersby is under a lot of pressureCrédit: ITV

4. Toyah breaks down

Weeks after the death of her husband Imran Habeeb, Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor) is well and truly down in the dumps.

Mais pour aggraver les choses, she’s also accused of his murder which leads to her feeling all kinds of vulnerable.

Things get even more complicated for her with the presence of her former flame Spider Nugent (Martin Hancock) – and it’s only going to get more confusing for her.

Cette semaine, Spider pays her another visit and tells Leanne Battersby (LA pression d'être la sœur de Meena Jutla devient insupportable pour Manpreet Sharma la semaine prochaine Jane Danson) how lonely she’s been feeling.

The Bistro co-owner invites her sister to move in with her at Victoria Court and Toyah thanks Spider for looking out for her.

In later scenes, Spider helps Toyah pack up her things and Adam Barlow spots them in the street.

Believing Toyah to be responsible for his friend and colleague’s passing, he berates the both of them and Spider launches into a tirade.

Toyah is caught up once again in her grief when she finds a savings account Imran had opened for his son Alfie.

Overwhelmed, she orders Spider to leave before handing Abi Franklin the details of the account set up for her baby.

Toyah then finds out Spider has been arrested during a protest and calls at the police station for him.

Spider is released with a slap on the wrist and goes home with Toyah.

Assez tôt, she leans in for a kiss and Spider reciprocates before the pair relocate to the bedroom.

But Toyah is later awash with guilt and asks Spider to leave once again.

When Abi calls to check up on her, Toyah blurts out she slept with her ex, feeling guilty.

toutefois, Abi reassures her and claims she’s only grieving and trying to survive.

Spider then insists he’s happy to remain friends but Leanne is uneasy to find them together in the Rovers and worries Toyah may be falling for him.

Mais as Martin Hancock teased, not all is as it seems with his character who is then seen answering his mobile phone, telling the caller he’s been up to his eyes and can’t wait to get back.

What is he hiding?

Will Jenny Connor really leave Weatherfield behind?

Will Jenny Connor really leave Weatherfield behind?Crédit: ITV

5. Jenny is ready to leave

The pub landlady portrayed by Sally Ann Matthews could be ready to leave Weatherfield with her toy boy Leo Thompkins (Joe Frost).

But before she can make a decision, Jenny Connor could come to blows with her barmaid, Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan).

LA pression d'être la sœur de Meena Jutla devient insupportable pour Manpreet Sharma la semaine prochaine, Jenny is first annoyed at Leo for not discussing the move to Canada with her.

As upset as she may be, Jenny is also confused and doesn’t know what to do but she finds support and an attentive presence in the form of Daisy.

The barmaid urges Jenny to bite the bullet but it’s apparent she may not have the best intentions.

In later scenes, Jenny overhears Daisy tell Weatherfield teacher Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) that she plans to run the Rovers in the landlady’s absence.

Jenny sees bright red and is quick to accuse Daisy of trying to get rid of her.

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