Flugbegleiter geteilter Meinung nach sehr persönlicher Frage des Passagiers

A FLIGHT attendant has divided opinion after asking a passenger a very personal question during a plane journey.

Das cabin crew member got a bit too familiar with one of the people on her flight as they were coming out of the toilet.

The flight attendant asked the passenger if they had flushed the toilet

The flight attendant asked the passenger if they had flushed the toiletAnerkennung: Alamy

They threw the question out on social media site Reddit to find out if it was usual behaviour.

Sie schrieben: “I went to the restroom about an hour into the flight and took care of my business.

Once I closed the door after finishing the flight attendant, who was opening soda cans right next to the bathroom asked, ‘Did you flush the toilet?'”

This left the passenger feeling shocked, and meant they spent the rest of the flight wondering if this was a common question from flight attendants.

Sie fuhren fort: “I was a little shocked at this question considering I am an adult and know how to use the restroom.

So I just said yes and continued back to my seat but I was still confused why she would even ask me that question.

Is this type of thing normal on flights?”

Perhaps surprisingly, etwas flight attendants responded and said that it was something they had done before.

One replied: “Yes it’s normal. So many people treat it like a port-o-potty and I’m tired of seeing someone else’s pee and poo.

Ein anderer sagte: “How many times have you walked into a restroom and the toilet wasn’t flushed? I’m sure plenty of times.

They are just to trying promote cleanliness, nothing wrong with that.

jedoch, others felt the questioning was a little too personal for their liking.

Einer sagte: “That’s pretty invasive not gonna lie. I’d be uncomfortable too.

Another agreed that it wasn’t normal, but said they still had some sympathies with the flight attendant.

Sie fügten hinzu: “I personally would never ask, but you have no idea how many people don’t flush, or clean the bowl if they’ve made a mess.

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Some people agreed but other flight attendants didn't

Some people agreed but other flight attendants didn’tAnerkennung: Anerkennung: caia image / Alamy Stock Photo