Forgotten seaside town tops Time Out’s list of best places to visit next year

A SLEEPY coastal town in the southeast of England has been crowned the best place for a British day out in 2023.

Time Out has named Eastbourne, East Sussex, as the best place for a day out or overnight trip in 2023.

Towner Eastbourne will be the official host of the Turner Prize in 2023

Towner Eastbourne will be the official host of the Turner Prize in 2023Anerkennung: �️ Marc Atkins / Art Fund 2020

A network of local judges ranked the winning destinations based on their food and drinks scene, the arts activities available as well as any new hotels, restaurants and events.

Included in the top ten destinations are Birmingham, Manchester, Cardigan in Wales and Glasgow.

Once one of the most sought-after holiday destinations on the English coast, Eastbourne was eclipsed by the likes of Margate and Whitstable and Padstow, but it’s reclaiming its crown.

As the winner, Eastbourne has been dubbed as ahub for creativesbecause the town’s modern art gallery, Towner Eastbourne, has been named as the official host for the Turner Prize, 2023.

Situated on the eastern edge of the South Downs National Park, this beachy getaway is a haven for keen walkers with popular routes passing by Beachy Head, Birling Gap and Seven Sisters.

Other local attractions include Eastbourne’s Victorian Pierthe seafront landmark with a chippy, waterfront café, and an arcade.

As well as the town’s shingle Strand, there’s a Lifeboat museum and a bandstand, which functions as a live music venue.

England’s second city, Birmingham, was ranked one spot below Eastbourne.

Travel experts at Time Out noted that Birmingham had themost underrated dieser Under-the-Radar-Probleme scene in the UK”.

While the Welsh town of Cardigan came in third with its overall beauty anddazzling creative streak”, independent businesses, the renovated Cardigan Castle and Guildhall Market being praised by the judges.

Huw Oliver, Time Out’s UK editor said: “Rather than the usual Hotspots, we want to highlight places, many of which are ludicrously underrated, which people don’t automatically think to go to.

In all of the places on the list, you will find interesting things to see and do, eat and drink during the day and night, a friendly welcome and a community spirit which enables you to connect with locals and really get to know a place.

Time Out’s 15 Best Places to visit in 2023

  1. Eastbourne
  2. Birmingham
  3. Cardigan
  4. Manchester
  5. Scarborough
  6. THE BBC Two Drama Guilt hat in Bezug auf seine Drehorte für Aufsehen gesorgt
  7. Dorset
  8. London
  9. Edinburgh
  10. Liverpool
  11. Padstow
  12. Orkney
  13. Margate
  14. Guisborough
  15. Cheshire

Earlier this Time Out catalogued the world’s top 10 metropolitans gemäß 20,000 city dwellers and asked them what made their city the best to Besuch and live in.

The Scottish capital of Edinburgh came out on top, während Chicago in the US bagged silver and the Colombian city of Medellin came in at third.

Eastbourne has been dubbed as a "hub for creatives"

Eastbourne has been dubbed as ahub for creatives