Former Oasis drummer Tony McCarroll, 50, suffers heart attack

FORMER Oasis drummer Tony McCarroll has revealed he was rushed to hospital after suffering a heart attackand warned he’snot out of the woods yet”.

The original drummer for the Manchester-based band has thanked the NHS for looking after him after he was admitted to hospital on Thursday.

Tony McCarroll suffered a heart attack on Wednesday

Tony McCarroll suffered a heart attack on Wednesdayالإئتمان: نيوز جروب للصحف المحدودة
Tony McCarroll gives the thumbs up as he leaves the High Court in London in 1999

Tony McCarroll gives the thumbs up as he leaves the High Court in London in 1999الإئتمان: AP:وكالة انباء

The 50-year-old said in a statement on Twitter tonight: “Hi All. Wanted to let you know I was admitted to hospital on Thursday after suffering a heart attack on Wednesday night.

I’m not quite out of the woods as yet but just want to give a massive big up to our #NHS We are more than fortunate to have such a service! شكرا لك!! X

Drummer McCarroll shot to fame as one of the original members of Oasis in the 1990s alongside childhood friend Liam Gallagher.

Noel joined the band soon after and McCarroll has claimed in the past he was involved in writing some of Oasisbiggest hits, including Supersonic.

But McCarroll left the band after an acrimonious split in 1995.

The drummer was replaced by Alan White who remained with the band until 2004.

A high-profile legal case followed in 1999 when McCarroll tried to sue Oasis for £18millionwhich he argued he was still entitled to his as part of the band’s five-album record deal.

The case was settled out of court for £550,000 and the drummer agreed to give up any royalties from the band’s songs.

McCarrol said he spent the next three years travelling to avoid the glare of Oasis’s rise to global stardom.

In an interview with the Manchester Evening News in 2019, هو قال: “With the band I was used to travelling, touring. I just needed to get away.

The band were getting bigger, good on them, but I needed to get away from the whole thing.

So I began to ignore and neglect a few things and got away.

I lived in the States, Tenerife. Really I got drunk for three whole years. But at the same time the court case was all ongoing, so I’m trying to get away from it all but I’m also dealing with questions from solicitors round the clock.

And that just wasn’t me. I was a young lad, I didn’t appreciate or care about law and litigation and I was just gutted I had to go through that.

It dragged and it dragged and it dragged when it should have been dealt with in a much better way.

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