Fortnite giù: Perché i server di Fortnite sono caduti 11 ore prima?

FORTNITE has been offline since around 10pm UK time (ottobre 3), with no clear indication of when the servers will go back online.

Here’s everything we know about the Fortnite server downtime, and when we expect you’ll be able to play the battle royale.

Players are eager to get back in the game.

Players are eager to get back in the game.Credito: Farrah lo ha commentato

Why are the Fortnite servers down?

The Fortnite servers were scheduled to go down at 9am UK time to integrate the latest patch into the game.

tuttavia, the developers took them offline around 11 hours earlier than expected.

This is due to an unforeseen issue, but it hasn’t been clarified exactly what the issue is at this time.

When will the Fortnite servers go back online?

Generalmente, when the Fortnite servers go down to upgrade to the game’s latest patch, the servers go back online between 10 e 11sono ora del Regno Unito.

This would mean that the servers will go online a few hours from the publication of this article.

tuttavia, as the team is also dealing with this unforeseen issue, it could be longer than expected.

D'altro canto, the team started far earlier than expected.

The servers could have gone down early in order for them to be back online in time with the normal schedule.

What is coming in the latest Fortnite patch?

Epic Games only release the full Fortnite patch notes after the patch has been implemented.

tuttavia, there are a number of things introduced in every patch which we can be certain will be added today.

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New weapons and some changes to the map are almost certainly going to be introduced.

It is also rumoured that a grandfather clock is going to be added into one of the buildings, but we don’t know what role this clock will play yet.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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