Four women shot at Days Inn motel in DC leaving at least one critical

ONE woman is in a critical condition while three have been injured in a shooting at a motel in Washington DC.

Cops say there’s no lookout for a suspect following the incident at the Days Inn which happened at 3am local time on Thursday.

Four women have been shot at a motel in Washington DC

Four women have been shot at a motel in Washington DC信用: NBC4

Cops found one female with gunshot wounds in the hallway of the hotel, while another was discovered in one of the rooms, Fox5 报告.

The DC Police Department initially said that one person had died but revised their statement, saying they’re in a critical condition, 根据 NBC华盛顿.

The victims were taken to different hospitals but their conditions remain unknown, 根据 WTOP.

Two were taken to hospital while the others were self-transported, 报道说.

Cops have since identified a fifth victim but their gender remains unknown.


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They are currently receiving treatment in hospital. The extent of their injuries remains unknown at this time.

Details about the suspected shooter remain unknown and police K-9 units are at the scene searching for clues.

There are several police vehicles outside the hotel and parts of Connecticut Avenue in DC have been closed.

A motive for the shooting has not been formally identified as investigations continue.