Fry-ups and pigs in blankets under threat as hard-up farmers rear less hogs

HARD-HIT farmers are cutting back on hogs — putting fry-ups and pigs in blankets under threat.

英式 producers are rearing a fifth fewer animals because of soaring fuel, fertiliser and feed costs.

Hard-hit farmers are rearing fewer pigs — putting fry-ups under threat

Hard-hit farmers are rearing fewer pigs — putting fry-ups under threat信用: ALAMY

一个 shortage of carbon dioxide used to stun pigs for slaughter is adding to their problems, 说专家.

The National Pig Association said farmers were losing around £50 an animal — more than £600million over the industry since autumn 2020 — and some had been forced to quit.

A spokesman said the ongoing troubles “will potentially mean less British pork available on the supermarket shelf in the run-up to Christmas”.

他加了: “It’s a challenging time . . . but what will help is for retailers to continue to support our domestic supply by buying British Red Tractor pork wherever possible, and for shoppers to buy British, 也。”

Pork is the second most popular meat in the UK after chicken, with £180million of sausage, £193million of bacon and £52million of gammon eaten every year, according to the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board.

Supermarkets are already preparing to have to turn to European suppliers to make up for the shortfall in British hogs.