Full Moon calendar: When is the next full moon?

SPECTACULAR full moons illuminate the sky every month.

After January’s stunning Wolf Moon, here is a run down on when to gaze up in 2022 – 为什么.

The Wolf Moon rising over Ely Cathedral in Cambridgeshire

The Wolf Moon rising over Ely Cathedral in Cambridgeshire信用: Bav Media

When is the next full moon?

A full moon appears fully illuminated from earth during a specific lunar phase.

This happens once every 29.5 天, meaning there are 12 full every yearthough sometimes there can be 13.

Each has is defined by its own unique name and when it appears.

为了 2022, this is:

  • 一月 17 – 狼月亮
  • 二月 16 – 雪月
  • 行进 18 – 蠕虫月亮
  • 四月 16 – 粉红月亮
  • 可能 16 – 花月亮
  • 六月 14 – 草莓月亮
  • 七月 13 – 巴克·穆恩(Buck Moon)
  • 八月 11 – urge鱼月亮
  • 九月 10 – 牧场物语
  • 十月 9 – 猎人的月亮
  • 十一月 8 – 海狸月亮
  • 十二月 7 – 冷月




哈利“悲惨”’ 作为美国的新生活“远非他所希望的”’ 专家说

Why is there a full moon in the middle of the day?

You may have wondered why you can often see the moon in the middle of the day, particularly when it is full.

It turns out the answer is actually incredibly simple: the moon and stars are always somewhere in the sky, we just can’t always see them.

The sun is so bright during the day that it candrownout the light from the moon and stars, but on darker days the moon can shine.

But the reason it is not always visible during the day is all down the the positioning of the moon and whether it is reflecting enough light to be as bright, or brighter, than the blue sky.

After a full moon, when Earth is roughly between the sun and the moon and appears illuminated, comes a morning moon.

What is a super moon?

一个 super moon is an impressive sight where the startlingly bright moon looks so close you could almost touch it.

It is a combination of two different astronomical effects and happens when a new or full moon coincides with a perigeethe moon’s closet point to Earth in its monthly orbit.

A moon has to come within 90 per cent of its closest approach to Earth to be formally defined as a super moon.

This is relatively rare, occurring just a few times a year.

在 2022, there will be a super moon on June 14 and on July 13.

On these days, the moon will appear up to 14 per cent larger and 30 per cent brighter.

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