Fuming I’m A Celeb fans in huge U-turn over popular campmate after ‘sulking

I’M A Celebrity fans were set to propel Owen Warner to the King of Jungle’s throne.

Egter, it seems some viewers have grown a little annoyed with the Hollyoaks ster – because of his constant talk of food.

Owen Warner's regular references to food have annoyed some fans

Owen Warner’s regular references to food have annoyed some fansKrediet: Rex
He looked around for crumbs at the Jungle Arms in last night's show

He looked around for crumbs at the Jungle Arms in last night’s show

The I’m A Celeb cast last night got a rare boost when, on a trip to the jungle arms, they were treated to pizza and chips.

Owen, 23, made the most of the treat, even staying behind after the others to hoover up the crumbs.

He asked co-star Jill Scott, 35: “Are you sure there’s no more food left?”

Egter, the ladwho is neck and neck with England Lionesses star Jill to win the showdidn’t endear himself to some viewers with the behaviour.

Others weren’t impressed by what they calledsulkingwhen Owen failed to win the taskand a plate of brownies – met Chris Moyles op Dinsdagaand.

Een het geskryf: “It’s about time Owen left the jungle, from day one alls he ever talked about is kos, he’s getting to repetitive.

Nog een het getwiet: “I know it must be hard without a lot of kos maar Owen is taking the p**s now. Sniffing around for crumbs like a dog.

There’s been bloody heavy weight boxers in there that don’t moan about kos as much as him.

A third complained: “I’m so bored of Owen constantly going on about kos!”

Another reckoned he could be voted out, skryfwerk: “About time Owen wentTedious sulks over food boring as hell.

Others backed Seun George, who had grown tired of hearing about the Romeo Nightingale actor’s hunger on last night’s show.

Een het geskryf: “In fairness Owen constantly obsessing over food is really annoying and we only see about 30 minutes of it so im not surprised Boy George was getting the hump with him.

Egter, Owen remains popular among much of the Ek is 'n Celeb fanbase and remains the person to beat this year.

One backer wrote: “Jy weet wat, Owen is probably my fave to win at this point! He’s fearless and tries everything!!”

'N Ander het gesê: “If anyone should wen it should be Owen, Sean, Baba. The only ones who have contributed to this series.

Everyone saying Jill or Mike the boring ones. It seems the winners are now the nicey nice ones not entertaining.

Hunky Owen has spoken of his hunger since the start of the series

Hunky Owen has spoken of his hunger since the start of the seriesKrediet: Rex

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